Graphical problems with MvC2 on the 360?

Edit: Sorry for the double-post (this is also found in the MvC2 subsection) but I thought I could get a faster reply in this section versus the other one. I hope this isnt a problem.

Is anybody having graphical problems with this game when played on the Xbox 360? Im having a problem with the characters. When the fight starts its like they have invisible boxes all over them and it distorts their graphical image. The game itself plays perfectly, its only this cosmetic issue.

Is this a known/common issue or is my game just glitched somehow? Thanks in advance for helping me out.

Mine has the same issues.

See there’s your problem.

Get a dreamcast.

awww I was gonna post that =(

Trust me the game does not play perfect your just kidding yourself.

Massive sprite glitching and slowdown.

Send MS an email to and ask them to fix the problem.



problem solved, thread closed