Graphics Card installation problem

If someone could delete this thread it would be nice.

This is a long shot, but I’ve seen it happen before. I ended up fixing my friend’s computer that was doing something similar by simply upgrading the bios. Either way, it’s certainly something to do with the motherboard if it won’t even post (Which I’m gonna guess is what’s happening).

These next suggestions mean no disrespect or insult, but when you have the graphics card in you do have the VGA or DVI cable connected to the card right? If so, then try connecting it to the motherboard with the card in to see if it’s just the card not outputting anything (Bad card), or if it’s actually not posting (Which is the more likely problem). Depending on which one it is, the solution can become much more problematic.

do you hear any error-type beeping when the new card is installed?

have you enabled the agp/pci-e slot in the bios?

The old drivers shouldn’t be affecting the boot. It might cause problems later on (But you disabled it so you should be ok). Not posting generally means a mobo issue, and those are always a pain in the ass. The only suggestion I can offer at this point besides update the bios is to scan through the bios settings and mess around with stuff related to graphics output until it posts.

what gfx card did u get?

what brand?
and no, that psu should be fine for it

check what kind of PSU you should have by that calculator

and yeah… umm… minus 100 watts or so… an average 300 watt PEAKS at 300, but loads up at 200 or 220…

i had a 600 watt that couldn’t really pump more than 420… now, i have a 550 that will do the job, as it’s a $115 enermax.

sounds like your mobo is a piece of shit.

This is such a bitch

when it boots up, it should tell you
what brand PC do you have?

Nvidia Nforce2 MCP-T
AMD Athlon 2800+

Its an Emachine T2875

That’s your bios.

What do you mean?

that’s not your mother board brand… mine, when you boot it up, says “Gigabyte: solid state capacitor blah blah”

nForce is your bios type.

I downloaded that Everest program that identifies all the stuff on your computer and it says my BIOS is Phoenix Award v6.00 PG.

FIC AU31 (K7M-NF18G) Mainboard

North Bridge: Nvidia nForce 2 IGP
South Bridge: Nvidia nForce 2 MCP-T

weird, i’m at a loss, as I’ve never heard of that mobo before, BUT… I did have an MSI mobo that was a very similar number… if it’s an MSI, let me just say, that that particular line, the older series, are really SHITTY, and they dont like things… i had one that crashed after i put an x-fi card in it.

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they were right, that board is a piece of shit, worse than my 1st t2460 yet it still works. update your bios, remove all display adapter drivers, do a clean install, don’t use the driver cd that came included with the card rather do the right thing, download from manufacturers website and update your direct x drivers. rookies

Phoenix Award’s website is really confusing and keeps running me through loops with no links to update my bios.

you wouldn’t find it there. you’d find it at the manufacturer’s website.