Grappler with projectile


…yeah, any thoughts really. I’d like to see one, it could be interesting.


Play BlazBlue


/thread. Wait,theres another one but I forgot the series…

But anyways put Tager from BlazBlue under your belt until my brain works


would potemkin count with his F.D.B (63214 + S)




Mr. Heart? (the 214214+A super)


play tmnt tournament fighters actually.

Chromedome is a grappler with Dhalsim limbs and a fireball. Option select piledriver is too good.


A.B.A. before she gets her command grab off is basically a grappler. Slow, meh normals in comparison to the cast, and high stamina. And she has a projectile where she slits her wrist, but I still wouldn’t really call her a grappler.


Sailor Jupiter.


White from Matrimelee / Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Toukon Matrimelee maybe?


I think either some of you guys are using the term grappler loosely or my idea of grappler is just completely different.

With some of the examples given… you could say Akuma is one also? lol


Kira from AH3 with any of about a dozen Arcana.


juggernaut if he counts


Juggs is not a grappler.


Why is this a thread? I thought that it has already been emphasized that questions that can EASILY be searched for are not allowed to be threads.


Jubei in Fatal Fury series


considering that his main gameplan was grab into headcrush/air combo in msh, i would say hes a semi grappler.

but for reals, a real grappler with projectiles is shuma gorath.

devitalization, energy drain kick throw and chaos dimension along with mystic stares make her a grappler.




Oh you.


3s chun