Grapplers, Command Grabs, and Tiger Knee Ex-cannon Strike



While playing against grapplers, is it a smart idea to save meter to punish command grabs with an
tiger knee ex-cannon strike?


Definitely in my opinion. Keep the poke pressure up (St.HK) (Cr.HP AA) and punish the pokes they throw out themselves with a EX TKCS. Follow up with Sako combo then back away.


A punish implies that you are using the move when you see the opponent whiff or do an unsafe move. So I’m not sure why this applies strictly to grapplers. When you have a punish opportunity, it is generally a good idea to start with an EX CS. Some of Cammys combos, including the Sako Combo, can only be done from a jump in attack. But you don’t always have time to do a jump in attack depending on what you are punishing. So EXCS gets you that jump in situation without actually needing to do a long jump.

What I think you mean is saving meter to bait with EX TK CS. Which yeah, it is a good idea against grapplers. Many lower skilled ones will mash out throws, which EX CS can get around. It’s also useful when you are baiting throws with a neutral jump or a jump back. If you see the throw whiff, you can input a EX CS, and if not you can jump away to safety. If you are trying to punish a whiffed throw you might not have the time to get into range and do the CS, so don’t always go for it. Maxamize your damage, but don’t risk losing damage if that makes sense. If you see Gief whiff a throw a little out of range, you might want to just go for cr mk spiral arrow.

Street fighter is very situational, so it’s hard to give a definite “do this in this situation” etc, but I think you have the right idea.


With Gief I tend to always be able to bait the St.MK. I get the Spiral Arrow when I can predict a green hand when he tries to close in but in all honesty its about a 50/50 chance where he grabs me out of it. I’m thinking that its just me not spacing / not chosing the correct spiral arrow strength. Personally I never jump in on Geif no matter the situation unless I have a meter or the Gief is just not skilled enough to handle the mixup. As you said though there isnt a spot on for sure handle on how to get around them.


Chocobuny, sorry. What I meant to say is, is it okay to save meter to punish command grab attempts during the grabs start up and active frames, as a command grab tech? Doesn’t the Tiger Knee Ex-cannon Strike still tech throws?


Yeah but it’s smart to have meter saved for ex strike vs anyone, not just grapplers. Cammy with meter changes the whole flow of match ups more in her favor.

Ex strike will beat throws/command grabs. If you space it right you can make it beat lariats vs gief too.


Thanks. I didn’t know that.


but… you want to stay away from grapples!

cammy stand mk (crmk too) and all you need to keep them away. AA with, cr.hp, and spike.