GRAVITY BREAKERS: Beowulf is the announcer


Hey, everybody! We’re a small indie team making a gravity-defying fighting game. Find out more here and hangout in our discord server

Early Access Alpha

Alpha Gameplay Walkthrough


  • Zero Gravity Combat
  • 1-4 players (free-for-all or teams)
  • HD 2D characters
  • 3D hand painted Sci-Fi/Fantasy environments


  • move
  • linear attack ( A )
  • wide attack ( B )
  • exotic attack ( C )
  • shield
  • dash
  • supermassive attack

Grab = Press Shield+A to grab the opponent. Press Shield+A to block grab attempts.
Perfect Shield = Press Shield at the precise moment of impact. Reduces shield stun, reflects projectile, no effect on Shield Gauge.
Supermassive Attack = Press Shield+C to perform your most powerful attack.

  • Your attacks change depending on your proximity to your opponent. When you are in far range a proximity indicator appears.
  • Tilt the stick in any direction to modify your attacks. I.E., tilt up+A, or tilt down+A, or tilt left+A, or tilt right+A=sidekick.
  • Most characters have A/B strings. I.E. Cardinals B>B>B string.
  • You can cancel A/B attacks into C attacks, and you can cancel C attacks into Supermassive attacks.

Close Combat
When you are in close proximity to your target you will automatically switch to Close Combat mode. You will have access to punches, kicks, and other close range techniques.

Far Combat
When you are far away from your target you will automatically switch to Far Combat Mode. You will have access to various projectiles and other long range attacks.


(A.) Character Name
Pretty self-explanatory.

(B.) Health Bar
Displays current health points.

(C.) Shield Gauge
Blocking attacks will weaken your shields. The Shield Gauge will begin blinking when it is close to running out; if knocked to zero, the character will suffer a dizzy-like state known as Shield Overload, where they are staggered and left open to attack.

(D.) Energy Gauge
Powers special abilities such as Supermassive Attacks.

(E.) Fight Clock
Once the clock reaches zero you’ll enter a sudden death mode. Possibly stage dependent, I.E. meteor showers, orbital bombardment, summon space demons, etc.



Thanks in advance everybody :smiley:


Looks interesting.

Hate the name though.


Aw, why do you hate the title? It fits in with the sci-fi theme and also ties in with the story, which has to do with a trans-dimensional being that is going around making stars vanish for some nefarious purpose.


I dunno, it just seems like there could be a more creative and concise name. “Disturbing The Universe” is just too lengthy and broad, it doesn’t convey specifically what the game’s about. Any spaceship game could have the same name. The exact same title could be on Elite Dangerous.


Well, I’m open to changing the title of the game. Hopefully, we’ll come up with a better title down the road.


I agree with PSYCH0J0SH, the name does not convey anything about what type of game it is.

Implementation wise the game looks great to me, polished in the way a prototype should be. Not really sure if it’s my type of game but I appreciate the work that you’ve put into it and love that you have a clean gameplay video in your first post.

Good luck with the project I’m gonna keep an eye on it.


Well, to be fair of the name, most Japanese titles aren’t any better with conveying WTF it is. And some English games as well.

I mean… take someone only BARELY familiar with fighting games or just know of Call of Duty, and rattle off these games you know FOR SURE they know nothing about:

  • DOOM
  • Melty Blood
  • Guilty Gear
  • Chaos Code
  • Deus Ex

So game name is least of worries. This is a prototype of concept that hasn’t been touched on in AGES (moment Zero-G combat was mentioned, immediately thought of the lost likes ofPsychic Force or even the more rarer Astra Superstars). So I’m looking forward to seeing how this goes.

And you better not go belly-up on us!


Yeah I get your point with those other games, but the difference is that they all have full marketing teams that can spend more resources on educating consumers about what the game is about. For an indie / small team project, I’d say a compelling and memorable name is much more important.


My initial inspiration was actually Zone of the Enders, but as I was working on the design doc and looking for references I came across Psychic Force. I never actually played the game but I do remember seeing magazine ads for it back in the 90’s.

As far as going belly up… I’m doing everything in my power to mitigate any potential pitfalls. I’ve been researching other indie games that have failed and succeeded and I believe I have a solid game design and business strategy. I’m also putting together a solid group of talented and experienced people.


I like what i seee but what was that throw break mechanic in the prototype video?


I was considering a submission system inspired by the UFC games. Since making this video I’ve backed away from that idea.


So how does gameplay with 4 players work? I see the right analog is used to switch targets so I’m assuming it’s like Dragon Ball Z The Legend?


@"Running Wild"
There will be a lock-on system. The initial plan is to flick the right analog stick to change targets.
I’m not too familiar with Dragon Ball Z Legends but I’ll look into it.


Reminds me of:

You were inspired by this, no?


@“yah yaahh b*tch!” As I mentioned in an earlier post my initial inspiration was Zone of the Enders. I played the hell out of the first 2 games and actually had a lot of fun with the limited versus mode with classmates in college. I was aware of Psychic Force before but until recently I haven’t seen any footage of the game and I have yet to play it.


Astra Superstars is another game that had this gimmick. You should give it a look in case you need inspiration


That looks cool! Reminds me of Urban Legend in Limbo.


Good news! I’ve secured a programmer! We will begin work on the prototype shortly. Hopefully, we’ll have something to show in a month or two. Meanwhile, I’m painting the main character and getting ready to set him up in Spine2D.


The first build :open_mouth:

And I’m setting up the first character in Spine.


Something tells me the animation is going to resemble that of Cosmic Carnage for the Sega 32x.