GRAVITY BREAKERS: Beowulf is the announcer



I really like the new logo / name. Feels very arcade-like and seems to suggest the type of game.


Thats what were going for! My love for fighters started in the arcades back in the 90’s when SF and MK were king!






Hey everybody, sorry I haven’t been very active here but we are hard at work on a new build of the game which will feature:
[] Fully playable NANCY
] New background art
[*] Gameplay adjustments and bug fixes

You can still pay what you want right now for the WIP Nancy build. Note: All keys will be transferable to Steam. We’ll be raising the price to $5 when the Nancy build is ready. We really appreciate any support you can provide!

Also, come chat with us on our Discord server. We’re always looking for feedback :smiley:


Here’s a quick gameplay breakdown. I said ‘uh’ too much lol.

Cardinal Breakdown


Here’s some footage of me working on Gerzil’s animations for 2 hours if anyone is into that sorta thing


R.I.P. SRK forums! It was good while it lasted. If yall wanna continue following progress on the game be sure to check out the discord server, twitter, facebook, the thread on Skullheart, and the site


Aaaaaand the forums are back! I look forward to the Discourse migration. Oh and I forgot to mention @CyanPrime is now main programmer on Gravity Breakers.


Nancy is ready to slice and dice your ass!
[] Nancy feature complete
] New 2D stage art
[] Character select (very rough)
] Bug fixes

As always we appreciate any feedback, you guys! Thanks!


Huh, for a while I had kinda forgotten about this.
May have to take another look.


We appreciate it! Things were a bit rocky as we transitioned between programmers but now we’ve got a pretty good flow going you can expect more frequent build releases.


We put out a new build!

Please try it out and let us know how you really feel in the Discord server.



Digging this snazzy new forum… I went ahead an edited the OP in honor of the new digs.
Have some GIFS


While I’ve been plugging away on the last few animations for Gerzil, our lead programmer William has been hard work on a proprietary input system he’s dubbed Zer0 Input. We were having issues getting Rewired to behave so we decided it would be better to build our own input system. Also Oliver has put together a great character select screen. Everything is still WIP so more improvements are on the way. And of course if you have any suggestions or find any bugs please reach out to our various communication channels (we have a bug report channel on the official Discord server btw). Thanks everybody!


Joseph, Head Honcho @ Gremlin


  • System
    • New proprietary input system: Zeroinput
    • Changed how pause is handled. Every moving object now has its own ‘timescale’. This will be of use when hitpause and slowdown is fixed.
    • Dashing changed, wip.
    • Made energy guage stop recharging when shielding, performing a super, or dashing
    • 2 player mode and VS CPU temporarily disabled
  • Characters
    • Cardinal
      • “Swooping Cardinal” plays a follow up animation on hit, easier to combo afterwards
      • Updated graphics for Beam attacks
    • Nancy
      • Reduced frame advantage on multiple moves
      • Reduced size of hitspheres on Overslash, updated animation to reflect changes
      • Updated sword FX graphics on Overslash
  • Level
    • Space Garden
      • Added animations to background props (grass, trees, etc.)
      • Added NPCs
  • FX
    • Updated super flash
  • UI
    • Temp key remapping, wip
    • Updated main menu, rearranged options, you can now control menu with keyboard/controllers
    • Updated Character select, new animations and graphics


Hey we have a sick new build, you guys should try it! We fixed some input issues and overhauled the hitpause system so now the hits feel extra JUICY!