Gravity Squeeze Help

Im having a lot of trouble inputting the command for gravity squeeze with a normal ps3 dpad. When I first started practicing it the input would mostly register either 2atk or magnetic shockwave and gravity squeeze woul come out maybe 1/10 of the time. Now instead of 2atk or magnetic shockwave I end up dashing most of the time but now I can get gravity squeeze to come 1/5 of the time. I want to get it down so that it comes out 100% of the time. Any suggestions?

First of all, make sure you have 3 meters.
Second, turn your training mode inputs on.
Third, make sure you’re ending the motion on :df: and not doing :f::d::df::f:
Fourth, don’t do it too fast, don’t do it too slow.

Lastly, don’t create a topic just for something like this. Post in the Questions or General Discussion thread.

key thing is to make sure it ends on down + forward while hitting AA, not just forward. a lot of new players think dragon punch is down, forward, down when it isn’t.