Grayfox814 vs. Honor Basquiat FT15 Money Match $100


Grayfox814 and I are good friends and play fighting games in real life on a regular basis, however, for the past month or so we haven’t played together. We had this idea of doing a money match which started off as a joke, but we both have been so confident in our progress we decided to actually do it. Neither of us have played each other or seen each other play in more than a month. We will be streaming the set in HD on Saturday, June 2, 2012 sometime around 2pm PST. Details & fun facts below.

We’re playing on PS3.
Grayfox814 plays stick, I play pad.
The majority of Grayfox814 and my fighting game experience comes from Marvel 3.
This is our first money match for either of us.
No practice rounds before the MM begins.
First to 15 wins.
Random stages.
$100 dollars on the line.
We both play Parasoul/Valentine.
No character order, character or assist lock, so if I get desperate I’ll resort to some gimmick that will probably blow up in my face.
To be completely honest I’m not walking into this particularly confident that I’ll win.
There will be salt.
Stream is at

So yeah, if you aren’t doing anything this weekend, please check it out. The more viewers, the more pressure, lol. Both of us are more than willing to answer questions or hear feedback and suggestions to make this more interesting for you guys. If you do end up watching don’t hesitate to post comments and reactions here or on the stream.


See this is what the sg scene needs. Will be watching or catch the archive


I’ll be at a wedding this weekend so I won’t be able to watch but I think this is a great idea! I assume there will be archives?


this sounds too friendy.

Honor I heard Greyfox call you fat


Psh, he’s not fat, I am. He is a pretentious douchebag though.

Yes there will be an archive, and more importantly a youtube video.

Here’s hoping I can actually win one :stuck_out_tongue:


Honor Basket stole your something that you lost recently, totally kick his butt and use that money to buy a new one!


Now that’s awesome!


Yeah, that’s what we were thinking. You know, we really like SRK, love the SG forums, all the people seem legit, so we wanted to do something the community would enjoy. I hope it is entertaining. More importantly, hopefully get the ball rolling so you guys can do stuff like this too. I’ve seen some great play on video from a lot of the people here, along with great theory crafting, ideas and general knowledge about the game, players like Boodendorf, Ataconazi, Vulpes, Severin, Dime, so many more. You guys should be recording money matches and competitive sets so hopefully this is just the start of something.


Well, turns out my money match is also being streamed, possibly at the same time. So make sure to catch the archives, I suppose.

My match is only FT10 (well it was originally FT5 but with all the side betting I asked if we could make it FT10 instead and I have yet to get an answer). So it may still me a FT5 and it’s only for $10 because we’re both poor fucks lol

It’s also my first MM.


Same here. Never mm’d in anything before. Hopefully I don’t regret this. That’s a lot of magic cards I could buy with $100…


If I win, which I wouldn’t say is particularly likely, I’ll go out to lunch and beers afterwards with GrayFox814 and pay for everything with the prize money I earn. Like girlystyle said, this aint no Fantaiq beef, we’re really good friends, totally friendly money match set.


Some more trash talk would really up the stakes on this, though. I don’t want to see somebody lose a friendly match and have to pay for lunch and beers, I want to see somebody humiliated for talking up their game and then getting destroyed. :wink:


Lol, I mean, it’s still $100 dollars, honestly I’m sort of having regrets about this haha. I’m a broke college student. I doubt we’d go to a 5 star restaurant, lol.


I heard Grayfox said Honor was an idiot for the whole Naplam Pillar debate and that he’s nothing but a combo monster with no fundamentals.



I love you <3


100 dollars is monopoly money when compared to tears.


Lol that was pretty harsh Austin. And without going into detail I never said I was against the green tech, I was playing devil’s advocate, and I tried to move away from the subject multiple times haha.

And grayfox814, hopefully tomorrow I can prove to you that I’m more than just a combo lab rat, and that my fundamentals don’t blow, lol. Although I must admit I love flash combos. But won’t be surprised at all of I get bodied.


Should have posted this sooner, would have loved to do side bets.

I’m putting both the MM’s listed here up on CK~


I have zero clue what that means.


I was considering it, but I don’t think grayfox or I are established enough or frankly even have enough video out there for you guys to make judgments (I’m guessing that’s what side betting is, really unfamiliar with this MM shit). You guys can make them just for fun though, no money, I’d be curious who you’d bet on, I guess you guys can look at the stuff we’ve posted in terms of gameplay theory crafting or our Marvel 3 stuff which is all over youtube (although we are much more evenly matched in SG)

Awesome you are putting shit on CK, I really hope more people will start doing stuff like this, this is such a fantastic game and the community really should be keeping itself entertained with fun antics like this.

Also good luck to guitalex2007, don’t know if I know of any other player on SRK in SG that seems more familiar with their character. He’s obviously knowledgeable about the game and stuff.

Edit: guitalex, pretty sure CK as in Canopy Kingdom, it’s like a skullgirls fan blog that Master Chibi runs, really cool shit if you haven’t checked it out yet.