Grease on the internal metal ball of a Sanwa push button

I took apart the little push button switch that is inside a Sanwa OBSFS-30 button to see how the mechanism worked (see image) and I noticed the small metal ball bearing that makes the contact inside the switch was covered in a grease/lubricant/gel (you can see some of it has soaked in to the paper it is on). Does anyone know if this grease is some sort of special conductive grease?!


Whoa. I didn’t know sanwa switches had ball bearings in them.

Anyway, on another note, if you like Blue buttons? DO NOT buy the Sanwa “Dark Blue” buttons! Those things are seriously a shade or two away from being completely PURPLE! Finally replaced these on my stick with some SWEET looking, Royal Blue buttons. Well, they call it “Marine Blue” on the online shops but, it’s accurate to call them Royal Blue also.

Hell, even the Light “candy” Blue buttons, would be preferable over the Dark Blues.

:grinning: Ok thanks for the reply. I think the ones I have were just classified as Blue. They seem good enough. I wonder how I could find out about the grease on the inside

My favorite sites for parts are and

They have the various Blue’s labeled. Anyway, if there’s a problem with the switch? They aren’t too expensive. Just buy a new button.

As for the “grease” itself? They probably just use generic oil, like a WD-40 type used, to keep things smooth and not lock up. They probably use all kinds.