Greased Lightning: Cop Beheads Pet Chicken


Our tax dollars going to work so cops can chase chickens…


If the police wanted to make a lasting statement they should have hired Ozzy Osbourne to dispatch the chicken.


Sounds like animal cruelty to me, no one would advocate beating a chicken to death with a shovel.


Do you eat Churches, Nigga?



It’s funny when it happens to people though


Pig kills the chicken. Watch out cow.



Nothing good ever comes from harming the normally docile chicken. Does he want the gods of mythology to unleash BAWK BAWK BOOM, raining exploding chickens on this ignorant fool? A swarm of enraged chickens to torment him til dies?

Nothing is more terifying than an enraged chicken



so much fowl play here, the cop obviously got to cocky; id feather the cop remove the bird with animal control in a cage than to try and poultry something like this…shit is for birds

guess the cop couldn’t control it :coffee: