Great Battles Stories

I know what you might be think, that this guy has too much time on this hands but truly i dont. i just wanted to hear from some of you guys and girls, some of the matches you had. ones that you can remember for a reason. you dont have to take part in this thread but feel free to if you want.

Yes, i amd a chunli user. :tup:


This one time, I was playing one of my friends who was using chun li. So I smacked him upside the head even before the match started.

I dont’ remember the rest, but I won.

What was the point of this? :tdown:

And I’m going to agree with G-Product… SCRUB!

All Scrubs Go 2 Hell!!!

8AttLe oF haSTIn9S, 8eST 8attlE evEr!


pt 2!


wILLiAM was unPrEpaRED phoR harolD’s sPEEdY aRrivAL AT KALD8ec hILl 8Ut quICKLY 9aThErED HIs tRoopS anD went to mEeT him at SENlAche. HIS ArMy wAS DiviDEd InTo ThREE SectIons, eacH wITH A koMmAnDEr. TeH lEft sEctIOn KomprisED mAINlY of 8ReTons, Teh cEnTraL sEcTION Were NOrMAn Under wiLlLIAm’S komManD aND TEH RI9HT SEctION was madE UP of tEh phrenCH ANd pHLeMIsH. eacH seCTiON wAS divIdEd InTO three rOwS - TEH arcHeRs, TeH iNFantry anD Teh KAvalRY. WIlliAM’s pLaN waS tO u2e tEh archerS PHIrST to Send ThEir ArROWs Into teh EN9LiSH rankS, PHOLLOWed 8y Teh INFANTrY IN haNd-tO-hAND kOm8AT And To phinAlLy ADVaNcE WITh TEh KAValRY WHO hAD tEH hEi9hT And powER of 8Ein’ On HORsE8ACk. teh EffECt wOULd 8E A THrEe pRoN9Ed atTACk ANd a 9raDUAL 8uILd uP in pOwEr ThAT WOuLd DEmorALi2e tEH eN9LIsH.

TEH 8AtTlE tOoK all day 8e9InniN’ eARlY IN TeH MORNin’ of 14Th oCTO8eR 1066 wITH wiLlIAM’S arcHErs PHIrin’ teh pHIRsT ArRowS INtO EN9lISh rANKs. WILLiam phOLLOwED UP his pLan wITh A ATTacK 8Y tEh iNfantRY AND tHEn 8y tEH KAvalrY, 8ut HaroLd’s arMy Was Stron9er ThaN expectED and WILLiam’S armY sUstaIneD mANy kasuaLtieS. tEH 8RETONs ON TEh lEFt PhlanK pANIcked DUE to tHeIr lAcK oF exPERIENce, TeH uNexpeCtED STREn9th oF hARoLd’s arMy and tEH nOi2e aNd kONFUSIOn. thEy PHAilEd To kEEp iN lIne aNd 9ot AHEAd of TEh otHER two secTIons oN THEIr RI9hT. IN theIR panic TheY 8E9An To RetReAt. hArOLD’S leSS exPerIENCed phI9htERs 8rOkE rank WheN THEy Saw teh 8retOns RETReaTIN’ ANd wIlLIAM’S arMy SlAu9HTeRed ThEm.

WILlIAm RetreATeD AnD rE9rOupED. TEH SeCond ANd Phollowin’ a22AuLTs Went aCcordIn’ To WillIAM’S pLAN aND He SUPPortEd His tROoPs 8Y jOiNiN’ in TEh CHaR9E ON HorSe8ACk. 8oTH SIDEs 8EcAMe MoRE tIRed aS tEH DaY wOrE ON AND SuFFErEd hEAVy kAsUalTiEs. AS teH suPPly of ARRows Was runNin’ LOw, WIlLIAm oRdeRed TeH ARcheRs To phirE THeM hi9h into tEh AIr PHoR Teh PhinaL a22aulT SO ThAt tHEy pHElL INtO teh reAr RanKS oF Teh EN9lisH aRMy. thIs KauSed HI9h kASUAlTieS aNd teH KOLlap2E Of Teh en9LISh shIELD waLl. teH nOrmANs penetRaTed tEh rankS anD PhRa9Ed HaROLD. witH tEh MOraLe OF teH eN9LISH TROOpS SHattEred 8Y Teh DeATH Of tHEIR LeaDEr, teh 8atTLE eNdEd iN dEfeaT Phor teh EN9lIsh, AlThOu9H TEh hoUsEcArls anD THe9NS koNtinUeD To phI9ht tO tHeIr DeaTHS. Over TEH PhOlloWiN’ MOntHS, wiLlIam kAPTUrED KAntER8uRY, WINcheSteR aNd london. hE Was CrOWNEd KIn’ oN CHRIStMAS DaY 1066.

HaRold was 8ADly PREpAREd tO PhAcE WiLLIAM’S tROOPs. WIlliam HAd SpEnT mONThs pREpaRin’ PHor iNVASiOn IN A sEcuRE POsitioN aNd ENVIrOnMEnT in NoRMAndy. HaROld’s TEnURE AS KIN’ waS WEAK phROm teh tiMe Of his accessiON aNd, AltHoU9h awaRE OF TeH threaT PhrOM NOrmANDy, He WaS oCCupIeD 8Y oTher evenTs At HOmE.

wILliaM 8UiLT uP hiS army And SupPORT iN pheuDAl TrADItioN pROmiSin’ LANDs iN EN9LanD tO ThO2e whO JOiNEd hIs Army ANd eternal pARaDi2e TO AnyoNE WHO dIED dURIN’ tEh 8aTTLe. HE"d AlSo o8tained TEH APPRoVaL of teH poPe in HIS pLaNS SO 9aiNiN’ 9reAtER SupPorT ANd turnIn’ tEh iNVaSioN iNtO A CRuSadE. tEH kNI9hTS wEre recruIteD wiTh tHEIr Own hoRSes, MEN ANd EquIpMEnT. OVeR tEh mONThs, WiLLIaM’S ARmY wAs RI9OroUsLY DiSCiplInEd and tRAINEd 8eFORe 8ein’ reAdy tO SaIL PhoR eN9lANd, 8UT theY hAD tO wAiT until sePtEM8eR 8eFoRe HaVin’ A phaVoURA8LE WiND. wiLliaM’s pLAnS SuffeRed a sET 8Ack WHEn teh PHLeeT 9Ot kaU9Ht IN a stORM And he HaD TO tAkE reFU9E ANd Re9roUP iN tEH somMe esTuARy. howeVer, As a RESUlT, tEH disTANcE HE HaD TO KoVER IN hiS crossIN’ WAs konsiDera8ly shOrTer And Teh neXt OPpOrTUnITY he hAd To sAil Was aT tEH tImE When HAroLD WAs iN tEH nOrTh of eN9LaND.

wilLIAm’s DECISION TO laND at pEVEnseY was IMporTANt. pEvEnsEY wAs on a La9oon TO TEH WEST oF HastiN9S anD Was A sPaRSely POPulATeD arEA. teh La9oon wAS A SHelTEr pHroM teh weATher As Teh shIPS KoULD 8E 8EAcHEd hI9h Up ON tEH laND AT Hi9H TIdE. teH haStIn9s pENinsULa was 8oRdered 8Y pevENSey la9OOn To teH WEST And teH riVEr 8Rede to tEh EasT So proVIDin’ It wITh NaTURAl prOTEcTION pHROm aTTaCK aND Only onE Way in aNd OuT oF TeH pENINsUla To teH mAIN lAND iN teh NoRTh. wILliAm quIcklY ESTA8LisHED hIs pReSenCE On Teh PENinsUlA iNClUDIn’ 8UIldIN’ Up Teh rOman pHORt AT PevensEY aNd TakiN’ HasTIn9S.

HAroLD WAs nOT so lucKy In HIs PlANs. sOme WEEKs 8EFoRe tEh InVasiON, HE had mo8ilised TrooPs aLoN9 TeH KOasT aNd SENT HIS nAVY tO tEh isLE oF wi9Ht TO INterCept wIlLIAm’S pHleeT, 8uT He was uNA8le to KEeP Them tHERE AS tHey 8ECAme DEMoRaliSed waiTIn’ pHOR willIam’S armY tO seT SAil and kONcERNED A8OUt 9ATHERIn’ IN tEh haRvEST IN thEir homE TOWnS. hArOLd diS8ANDEd tHEM aT teH 8E9INnin’ OF sePtem8eR and lOst mANy of hIs ShipS in TEH Same SToRM which wILliaM hAd 8eeN PhorCED TO taKE rEFU9e pHRoM. wHEn He rECeiveD NEws THat wiLlIAM haD laNdeD aT pevENsey, HaRold WaS PHI9htin’ teH InvasIOn oF hARald harDRada of noRWAY In TEh norTH.

desPITe hIs 8atTLe plAN AnD his ChOice of a STrAtE9iC LOcATioN, HaRold’s Army Was EXHAUsTed PHrom HaVIn’ to TRAvEl nORTH aNd pHI9Ht aT STamford 8rId9e, anD tHEn HasTILy reTuRn souTH wItHOUT TiME tO REst. HArOld’s SUPpORt PHRom TeH NorTH WaS lImIted aND aLTHou9h tEH EARLs OF MERCia and nORThum8ErLaNd hAd 8E9un ridIn’ soutH, tHEy TURNeD 8ack when thEY HEARD Of harOlD’S dEaTH. ExCePT PHoR TeH HOUSecaRLS ANd The9nS, HArolD’S meN Were noT TRaiNeD AND diD NOt hAvE TEH dISTAnT AtTACk aDvaNta9E oF TEh ArCHeRs OR tEH PoWER of tEh KAvalRY. iN aCCOrdanCE with EN9LisH tRADITIon, THO2E OF harolD’s ARMY WHo wEre ON horse8aCk RoDE to TEH 8ATTlE lOcATiON aND THen pHoU9hT ON PHoot while WIlLIaM’S KAVALRy wAlkeD To TeH LocAtIoN anD ThEN MounTED PHOr 8atTle.

tHe REsUlTs
wIllIam wAs CROwNed kIn’ Of en9lanD On ChrisTmAs day 1066. THerE pHOLlOweD 88 YEaRS Of norMan rUle. TeH pHRENCh and eN9LiSH KUlTURes meR9ed aND TeH PheUdAL SystEM was IntRoDuCEd. thiS led to A tou9H DiScipLiNe And tRainiN’ aNd TOoK aWay mucH of teH AN9Lo-SAxon’S PHReedOM ANd ri9hts. EN9lANd’s stREn9tH 9ReW aND sHE 8ECaMe A pOwerFul PhoRCE in EURoPeaN polIticS ku2 oF HER TIe with NoRMANdy. Her ARmY and nAvy WErE 8uilT Up As WelL. in 1085 wIlLiAM OrDeRed a sUrVEY OF en9lIsh a22ets aNd This 8ECAme knoWn As TEh DoomSDay 8OoK. wILLiaM’s rEI9N WAS Not EasY aND THeRE wERE RE8ELlioNs which weRE quickLy STamPed oUt, 8Ut teH normAn kOnQUeSt chaN9eD TEH pHAcE oF en9LaND phoR EveR.

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This may not count but I beat the CPU a round by hittin’ them with a anti-air taunt from Ken.

OhNoos, I have no clue how you managed to write all that.

I thought only shavez was capable of writing in that language.

G-Product- I beat you. I beat my friend by red parrying the last hit of his ex-machinegun punches, and killed him with a taunt while he was recovering. Then I lauged at him.

i stungunned over lightning-ballXXaegis-reflector meaty set-up and captured urien …

( mp stungun )

this one time…at 3s…

Damn you! Who were u usin’?

Standard Yun, man. I only break out Sean when I’m bored out of my mind. Like today! Sean is fun to use. Even though I can’t seem to use shotos anymore. :stuck_out_tongue: