Great but unconventional DLC costume ideas we'll never see?

What are some cool DLC costume/skin ideas you’d like to see in UMVC3, but will likely not happen for whatever reason?

Capcom exec: “Yeah thats a great idea…buuuuut…” (Idea gets shot down).

Some of mine:

Nova= as the Human Torch (Or Cinder from Killer Instinct with your imagination lol)

Jill= As Black Widow from avengers

Chris Redfield= as The Punisher or Nick Fury

Hulk= as Juggernaut (would make me want to play Hulk actually)

Frank West= Peter Parker

Iron Fist= Fei Long

Dormammu= Pyron from Darkstalkers!! Would be Perfect. Or Nimrod sentinel or Blackheart.

Haggar= as Colossus or Hoover/Baby head from Captain Commando(he played like Haggar)

Strider= as Sho from Captain Commando or Kenji from Red Earth(fighting evolution)

Juan Carlos swagneto

MODOK as Shuckle.

Haggar Hulk colored alternate

Sentinel costume modeled after Tadakatsu Honda…

Wouldn’t Tron be Hoover from a modeling standpoint? I know these would never happen, but if they were to, it’d make sense.

Also, Pyron for Galactus.

sentinel should get the optimus prime alt costume.

Dorm should get an alt as Blackheart.

Sentinel would look cool as Abyss (1st form) or as Ultron.

I was like “YO CAPCOM”



And they were like “Nah man, screw you.”

That would be so awesome.

I would love to see Baby and Mack like they were in NxC, that’d be hilarious.



Not sure how “unconventional” it is but whenever I see talk about alternate costumes this is always the first thing that comes to mind.

Ha! That is pretty slick.

Another good one would be a Iron Fist costume for Ryu. Seeing as how the team that made this game seems to be in love with the idea of him becoming the next Iron Fist, this seems natural.

Can’t believe there wasn’t a Leon costume for Chris. Not very unconventional but eh.

Am I right?