GREAT Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament MAY 8th in North California

GAME-ZONE RECREATION presents: the 3rd Official Video Game Tournament in HAYWARD, CA

We still have some great games left for all of you to enter like Halo 2 and Call of Duty 3 but I know wat most of you want here that is left is Capcom vs SNK 2. It should be great.

This tournament is brought to you by Game-Zone Recreation a video game and anime club at Chabot community college in the San Francisco East Bay area in Hayward California. Although this Tournament is at a community college you DO NOT have to be a Student there so the tournament is open to anyone who can pay the entrance fee which is only $5.00 per person per game.

We’ve had a good turn out the first tournament (Spring 06) and the 2nd tournament (Fall 06) was way way better equaling to the best tournament in the east bay (In my opinion).
These tournaments are a really good mix of games (not all of them are fighting games though) that go on every tuesday at chabot college. Last time we had a total of 15 games over a spand of 8 weeks and the grand prize was a Nintendo Wii.

This time though it will be a little bit different b/c the last two tournaments we had were individual one on one stuff for most of the games. This time it will be team style. So wat you’ll want to do is get a team of 3 and compete though out the whole thing for the grand prize which is straight CASH that depends on how many people enter so it will probably at the lowest be $120 can and most likely will be about $300 or more. You can go solo for all of these games too but it will be harder for you. You can also come and do any game of your choice w/o trying to go for the grand prize.
These tournaments are really really fun. There is some good competition in these tournaments too and it is a great place to test your skills.

Here are the games we’ve had so far this semister (sorry if you missed them)
February 27th - STREET FIGHTER 3, Gran Turismo 4
March 6th - MARVEL vs CAPCOM 2, DDR
March 13th - SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE, Mario Kart 64
March 20th - SOUL CALIBUR 3, Perfect Dark 64
March 27th - GUILTY GEAR XX2 Slash, WCW vs NWO: Revenge (64)
April 3th - TEKKEN 5, Wii-Sports (Tennis)

And here are the remaining games we have and the dates and times for them.

April 24th - Halo 2, Call of Duty 2

May 1st- Gears of War, Burnout:Revenge

May 8th - CAPCOM vs SNK 2(Saved the best for last lol)

I am also one of the tournament managers for the tournaments too by the way.

For more info please contact me first by posting here at the forums or PMing me. Also discuss wat you think about it.

Also check out the website by Game-Zone Recreation for info, videos and also updates here at
(we are working on updates too to make the site look better too)
also check out the forum there too.

My bad address is:

25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

man, you shoulda advertised sooner for the other games :sad:

Well we’re at a community college and as a club (Game-Zone Recreation) we have tournaments every semester here (or at least as long as we are an active club which should be for hopefully a long long time :wgrin: ). This semester is spring and the next one is fall for sure.
So to answer your question it will most likely be in fall of 07 but we are trying to have some tournaments in the summer but b/c we are having a big event called the Kinyobi con which means friday con in Japonese which is an anime con
on July 6th in the summer the school probably won’t let us use there facilities for another day in the summer.

Although there is a possiblity for GT 4 tournament in the summer so far it’s not looking good but you can look forward to it in/around fall semester of 07.

Dang it! I should have found out about this forum and this section of it a long time ago even before the very 1st tournament we had. Sorry about that.

ight man! thanks for the reply! i’ll be lookin for some results on your thread!

cool, Shoot I forgot to post all of the results for our tournaments we’ve had so far so far. I’ll probably get around to that sometime this week (a there’s a lot of games so far:wgrin: ).

Also we well be making a change. Do to a few issues WE WILL NOT HAVE CALL OF DUTY 3 in our tournament anymore, sorry:sad: . But we will replace it with ether Call of Duty 2 or Gears of War for that day. But Gears of War will probably be on May 1st as one of the players choice games and I’ll fill you guys in on the details tomarrow or after tomarrow.

some CVS2 son! ima be there!

YES! :clap: The more people that enter the funner it will be :tup: and the bigger the cash prizes :cool: . Even if your coming just for CvS 2 it will be great. I beleive last semister we had a least 24 people in it if not more and this year we are expecting more this time especailly w/ the team element added on this year, that should make it even better. And it’s only 5$ to enter per person so you definatly get your money’s worth of matches (2 out of 3 per person on your team) . In CvS 2 there are CASH prizes for 1st and 2nd place at least but there are other prizes to for 3rd and 4th place too like free CD’s, KCRH 89.9 (Chabot’s very own radio Station)/chabot pens, food and other mystery prizes :wow: :wgrin: .

I’m really excited about it :razzy: and everyone here that plays CvS 2 or any of the other games still left should be too. My teammates and I are definatly entering in it again. hopefully this year me and my teammates can get further than last semister. But it really is a lot fun even if you don’t place :wgrin: .

O yes bring your own stuff to (like controllers or sticks or converters or watever) b/c we have controllers and a stick you can use but it’s much better if you bring your own so you don’t have any excuses :rofl: .

O I’m willing to play any one so I can get better but I don’t feel like traveling to far :confused: b/c i’m trying to save on gas so if it’s not in the east bay area I may not go. So hopefully I can play someone in Union City, fremont, Hayward, Newark, San Leandro, Oakland, Pleasenton, Castro Valley or basically no longer then 30min drive from Union City or around any of these that would be great. If it’s further then those It’s pushing it for me.

Please respond back soon :wgrin: the sooner the better b/c I really want to test my skills :karate: .

Tekken is cool

Eh how far are you from vacaville? i have a fighting video game night every thursday(every week)as earl as 8am in the morning until late at night! you should come down dude! we’ll get down on some CVS2, MVS2, 3rd Strike, Super smash mellee or even some old school street fighter turbo…

dang that sounds great and all but I live about an hour and a half away from there plus I have school on thursdays and I normally have something to do in the morning on fridays but most of all I think I keep over booking myself :confused: :sweat: w/ things that I do with my school, business, house stuff, and all of the different groups of friends I hang out w/ like people from Game-Zone Recreation and others :rofl: . But I may be able to swing through on a thursday but that will probably be in may or late may when I’m out of school. but I think I’ll be able to make it to newpark on thursday (check new park mall thread) around 7 or 8pm and I think a couple other people from vacaville are coming though too so check w/ them too. I really do want to play other/new people especially in CvS 2 right now :nunchuck: .

Bummed out that the CVS2 tourney is on a Tuesday.

I don’t know if I could get a team of friends together on a weekday.

yes the reason why it’s on a tuesday is b/c that’s when the school is letting us use there facilities and it’s also on a community college campus during college hour :bgrin: . Also you can come by yourself and probably hope on a team that does have 3 people yet. I know a good couple people that are in the same boat and if you come it will be better :smile:

Shoot sorry :sad: I haven’t been able to post the results but i’ve been a bit busy but hopefully I’ll put them up soon.

A who are some good CvS 2 players around in the bay area or whereever :wonder: .

I know this might be kinda of late… but what are the chances of having KOFxi in there if not for tourney just for random matches?? i willing to bring my ps2 if need be… please let me know also if there is anything i can do to help run the tourney better!

ur welcome to by (technically) today april 24 and any other tuesday we have it. the room is open here at chabot community college from 9am till about 4pm (sometimes a little bit later) in room 2340 (Cafeteria). We have the tournies today but not during that time your welcome to bring a ps2 and Kof and play people. If you can’t bring the ps2 it’s all good just bring kof if you want to play people b/c I’d be glad to play a tournament champ :lol: . I’m sure there be some people there that would be willing to play you too.

Do you have email addy’s for any of these people?

Also what time are sign-ups? What time does the tourney start?

And whats the address. When making a tournament post, please include these on your first post in the futture. Otherwise, how are people going to show up?


Sorry if there is any confusion :lol:
this is how it works for Capcom vs SNK 2 (and most of the games we have) is that you vs someone 1 on 1. Here’s how it goes it’s 2 out of 3 matches per player. So say if you went by yourself and you were your own team (solo) it would be you (your one man team) vs another team and say worst case senario they have 3 team members paticipating in it. You would have to vs each person from there team 1 on 1 and while your VSing that person 1 on 1 you have to win 2 out of 3 against that person . Then say you beat that teams first person then your next match would be against their second person 1 on 1 (2 out of 3) then say you beat the second person and then you go up against their 3rd and last person and you win you/your team advances.

So basically it’s team elimination

Wat is funny is that I’ve seen a lot so far a single person take out a whole team of 3 people. So basically imagine it as a tournament were you just have more matches and the money you win for your team/you goes straight to you w/o dividing it amounst other people if you enter as a one man or woman army. You can have up to 3 people on your team. Also there are other people that won’t have a team ether that will be there so if you really want to team up them I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to but if your very confedent in your abilities you can go solo man team. Well I hope I didn’t confuse you and I hope to see you there and please if you can bring as many people as posible b/c the more that enter the bigger the cash prize. O and it’s 5$ to enter per person.

O and sign ups are from about 9am till 11:50am and the tournament starts at 12pm and goes till ? well I’m not sure all depends on how many people come. O and my bad I forgot the address to the place/school but it’s at Chabot College (a community college) and it’s

25555 Hesperian Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545

and go into the cafeteria and it’s in room 2340

the club is Game-Zone Recreation :tup:

about 5 of us gonna be ther tomorrow between 12-4pm for some KOFxi and other games! hope to see a good turn out !

Why not just do it SBO format (ie: 3v3 single elimination)? 2/3 with 3v3 is going to take FOREVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER especially with a losers bracket. If you still plan on doing it 2/3, I hope you guys have a LOT of TVs/PS2s to accommodate CvS2’s turtle fest. :rofl:

i’ll show if i can get the day off…