Great Cartoons from the 90s era (1990-1999)

Great Cartoons and Shows from the 90s era (1990-1999)

It time to take a trip to the past…remember the good old days waking up early saturday morning as kid, grabbing a bowl of cereal or other breakfast and sitting down until 12 pm watching your favorite shows…i do and here is just a couple of what i remember growing up as a kid watching on saturday mornings

Batman and Robin -damn this show was just the shit…it was dark, it had action, and i always wanted to know what was going to happen next

X-men…it was…just hard…i mean even adults where watching this it was like a movie in every episode

Sonic The Hedgehog- not that freedom fighter crap…i mean the first one…the game was great so why not give it its own show…5 stars

Pokemon -bleh…it was hard when i was a kid…everyone was sporting pokemon gear…games…cards…etc, but you would never catch me wearing any pokemon clothes

Freakazoid - funny as hell…there was so many inside jokes i could never understand when i was younger but now that i look back its comedy gold

Animainacs - come on who couldnt remember this, they had tons of inside jokes to which where great and still are

those where 6 i remember, im sure there is more so what cartoons do you remember from that time period?

Captain Planet! He’s our hero! Gonna take population down to zero!

Also, The Tick.

Life with Louie
Bobby’s World
Monkey Magic
Little Bear
Hey Arnold
Angry Beavers

…pretty much all the nicktoon lineup of the 90s.

Any cartoon Paul Dini and Bruce Timm laid hands on during the 90s was top tier.

Also, though it technically began in '89, The Simpsons was fucking incredible in the 90s.

Rocko’s Modern Life was filled with so many sexual innuendos…and it was a fucking kid’s show! Couldn’t get any better than that!

Go back and watch it and notice how much shit is in that show. Like how Rocko’s hobby was “jacking”. Or how they had a restaurant in that show called “Chokey Chicken”.

mighty max

Everytime a cartoon thread comes up I come bearing the same answer:
King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

When Rocko goes to get his eyes checked, the optometrist pulls his eyeballs out of his head, fondles them, and tells him to cough.

GAZE into my nipples of the FUTURE! . . .

Don’t leave out GI Joe, the Transformers or TMNT.

I’m sure Thundercats will come up although in retrospect not one of my favorites.

<egg hatches, baby’s head pops out>

“It’s a boy! :lovin:”

<another head pops out>

“It’s a girl! :lovin:”

<another one pops out>

“:wtf: IT’S GOT 3 HEADS!!” <- I rofl’d at this part

Rockos Modern Life
Ren N Stimpy
Angry Beavers
Beavis and Butthead
The Head
The Tick
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Bump in the Night (it was claymation not a cartoon)
The Magic School Bus (loved this show as a kid)
The Simpsons (back when they were still funny)
Doug (before Disney took over)
Sonic The Hedgehog
Spider Man
S.W.A.T Cats (fucking awesome show)

I know there are a few more but Im drawing blanks Ill remember some more tomorrow.


LoL. Life With Louie was great…

“Cats lick the butter! They sleep on your face!”

I’ll never forget that line…(I just hope I quoted it right or else all these years…down the drain!)

Pinky and the Brain. Best fucking cartoon ever.

a cow, Rocko’s friend, that was adopted by wolves(cow’s parents) and they are vegetarians. i find that part too funny.

i hate the intro when Rocko’s old brain comes out and his dog eats it everytime i see it, that’s disgusting.

The Critic.

Jay Sherman ftw.

“dradle, dradle, dradle… I made you out of clay”

i liked garfield and friends… i think that was 90s not sure.

i also watched alot of Tiny Toon Adventures by steven spielberg.

Darkwing Duck and Gooftroop were always something i watched.

Honestly, I would be pissed off at the street sharks if I were the mayor of that town. All that damage from them diving into the concrete and shit must cost a bundle to fix. Taxes, Property damage, and those bastards fucking shit up do not mix. I’d rather have the super villains around.

In the 90s I was fuckkin with…

Whatever was left of the Disney afternoon lineup
Batman TAS
Ronin Warriors
The Critic

And I preferred the weekday kiddy Sonic cartoon over that Saturday morning resistance crap. Shit made me laugh. Sue me.

-Mosquito Valentino on the IQ Test

-Getting your ears lowered

-The Funnie 5

-Bud and Tippy Dink

-Roger’s Cat, Stinky, has babies

-The Pimple Episode

-Listening to the Beets

-Having an Emo sister, Judy

-Chalky Studebaker, the king of jocks

-Patty Mayonnaise, the flyest girl in town

Too many good memories and life lessons.

Doug sux, i had a friend that liked the Cartoon Doug… and he ended up being gay but im not saying that if u liked Doug your gay:wgrin:

i’ve liked alot of cartoons but Doug had to one of the worse and not funny cartoon i’ve seen