"Great!" Cody General Discussion thread



Something I’m surprised wasn’t in here and we’ve always needed. Things that don’t belong in the match up thread, or the critique thread. Basically anything we’ve been using the “2014” thread for as of late should go in here. Asking questions about specific move properties, ranting about issues, general talk about your tournament experiences as of late. That kind of stuff.

I’ll start off:

I just requested (and was immediately approved) for an account to edit the SRK wiki. So I’ve been working on Cody first (obviously). One of the things that James Chen wanted to add in the new ultra wiki was a “Uses and Strategies” section for each move. I’ve only just started filling em out (starting from the bottom because I was doing the frame data tables first.

Thought I’d get some feedback on some of the statements.


That’s my strategy / uses for Zonk.



Thanks for your hard work. I’m glad to see people work on Cody stuff.