Great cody players other than momochi/sasaki?



I was looking up some cody vids to try and find some sneaky shit i didnt know about and all i can think to do is look up momochi and sasaki.

The problem is all of momochi’s games are topanga league so there are only the few games when he travels that i can watch.

Who else can use cody well and actually uses him in tourneys? Noone plays him at a high level i feel :frowning:

#2 Can’t think of anyone else at that high level of play


sick!! thank you pardon me as i go mastur… err study the footage<br />
<br />
God the music makes it so hype especially the 3rd track.


np. Also this is the only high level cody I know who uses the knife


Furansujin has got to be one of my favourite players. That dude is just fearless.
Also check out that cody grand warrior (or whatever rank they now have in japan) called Jean Valjean.


Yeah Furansujin was the guy that got me interested in Cody way back when. He’s the only Cody I’d put up there with Momochi and Sasaki.

Other strong Cody’s: Jean Valjean, TeasingButtons01 (online player but really good) and Sitamachi Prince.

#7<br><br><br>Saw this recently.  Guy did really well against Valle.  Anyone else heard of him?  I definately want to see more of him in the near future.<br>


^ BJ, very good Cody player from NorCal but goes to school in SoCal. Really solid Cody, goes by BJCicada on XBL. i only just met him through my friends in socal lol.


Yea BJ is pretty sick, I also think Harrison from NorCal is pretty good too. You can catch some of his games from the iplaywinner channel on youtube. SBA Harrison<br>


Don’t know if anyone watched Red Fight District, but there was a pretty good Cody player.
Too bad that he lost to players that made to the finals.


PIE Chin is preetty sick


Karipaku, Bayseeker, Shitamachi Prince, and TeasingButton are all good too. NOBODY is on the level Momochi was before he stopped playing Cody and almost no one is at the level Sasaki is right now. However there are plenty of “really solid” Codys out there.


There are basically two levels of Cody players worth watching:

  1. The Best Cody Players to Watch: Sasaki & Momochi

  2. The Good Codys (in no order): Good Meal Joe, PIE Chin, Shitamachi, Karipaku, ladnopooka, Fluddz, SeiKano, Harrison, Bayseeker, TeasingButton and probably a few others


I think I saw a stream recently where sasaki was playing as ken. I really hope he doesn’t jump ship


I thought Aulord was playing cody also, last time I saw he was pretty solid.


Aulord…and, I know Aulord is on the forum…so I’m not talking crap or saying something he can’t respond to or see…I’ve talked to Aulord quite a few times here and in the PxG chat. Aulord takes way too many risks for a Cody player to watch and take a lot from (especially a new player, who’s going to emulate this and start doing things that are bad habits). Call them reads or whatever you want, but Aulord’s playstyle is very unconventional and risky. He’s not a style to model yourself after. Are there things to learn from Aulord? Of course. You wouldn’t learn Ryu by watching Jyobin though.


Daigo hit the disagree button


Taco match him


LOL. I’m not the least insulted. I’ll tell you one thing, though, I want to play Jyobin, now. Think he’s my favorite Ryu ever. XD

Yes, it’s crazy reads and guesses. I just play how I feel the opponent is reacting and try to establish a presence. I have died by the same sword I have lived by many times, though and committed to … shall we say… less than smart ideas (read: dumb). But I also would contend that Cody’s playstyle lends more towards freestyle than it does to playing “by the book.” He has a very varied jack-of-all-trades toolset, a weaker defense than many characters. Sometimes you have to go a little tilt to keep the momentum going as Cody lives or dies by it. I think that may change in Ultra given how the pace of the game will become more footsie oriented and he’ll have more meat to his general game. This is also keeping in mind that Cody doesn’t have a single damned safe move. As we all know, LP Criminal Upper even gets punished by a lot of junk.

That and I play to just enjoy the fight. I’m not the best Cody player. Never would say I am.

Just my opinion.

For the best Cody’s I would say obviously Sasaki, Momochi and Chin.

Sasaki is a bit more open in his gameplan. Momochi was the most complete Cody when he played and Chin has a very unique and technical mindset. But to be fair I don’t follow many Cody’s either. BJUnchained gets a lot of my respect. I’d have to watch more.


I’m personally going to say there are no top cody players in America. Momochi has basically dropped Cody in favor of Ken. (which really makes sense considering Ultra Ken) and I love Sasaki but from what I remember someone on the forums saying when he was in Japan and got a chance to record some matches of him in the arcade and talk, he’s too busy to travel.

There are decent Cody’s here and there in america but no one’s really standing out. Only person I can say that did stand out at the time was Sabre but that was back in early Super/AE days.