Great Customer Service/crappy customer service

I placed an order with lizardlick and screwed it up, screwed up the quanty on one item. I got on the phone and they corrected the order in less than 24hrs
Lizard Lick Amusements
The worst customer service, Carvin. NEVER buy anything from carvin - Guitars, Amplifiers & Pro Audio
I bought a pair of speakers for my DJ company County Line Ten Entertainment and one speaker was cracked, when I asked to return it the gave me a broken link for UPS to print a return label, and the replacement they sent wasn’t even the same speaker. They won’t let me return it and are trying to bill me for the third speaker lol

On the contrary, I’ve heard Carvin had great customer service. Plus they’ve been helpful whenever I’ve called…


Just make sure that you are a buyer.

Sellers be getting it anally - hard style.

As I see it.

It’s not really interesting hearing stories of great customer service.

Gamestop. Hands down.

Been arguing with them for 2 months to get my Powerup card activated. They literally told me that there’s nothing they can do today, wouldn’t put me on with a supervisor, and that my only option now is to get a new card and forego all the points accumulated on my previous card.

Frontier Internet also ranks high on this list.