Great Deal At for Tekken 6 - $49.99


I’ll delete this thread in a few days after everyone gets the information. I didn’t see any threads mention this. has a great deal for Tekken 6 at $49.99.

If you put in this Promo code


It will knock of $5 more dollars to $44.99!

You can use that towards same day delivery if you want.

Credit to Blue from another forum.

EDIT: If you already made a pre-order through before you put the promo code in, you have to cancel your current order, then put the promo code in when you re-order for it to work.


thanks. just did this. saves me a trip. hopefully that release day delivery kicks in.


Hells yeah, just ordered it for $54.94 release date shipping… Awesome!


It came out to $50.97 for me with same day delivery.

Did you forget to put in the promo code?


I did use the promo code. My subtotal was actually $50.97, but then with about $4 tax it went up to $54.94. I live in WA state so I dunno, maybe our tax rates are different?


They charged you tax?

Wow that sucks!

I guess it depends what state your in.

I’ve never been charged Tax for any online purchases.


may be a dumb question, but does it revert back to regular price after release date; is it just a preorder deal?


Can someone please tell me how to apply the release date shipping?


From my experience with Amazon, whatever they lower the price to is the permanent price. SO Tekken 6 should be $49.99 from now on. You do sometimes get $5-$20 store credit if you pre-order or other little bonuses.

Amazon is giving $20 store credit if you pre-order Modern Warfare 2 for example.

You don’t see it?


It may be possible that release date shipping only applies if you pre-order it at least 2 days before release. If your just placing your order now, it might be too late.