Great Deal on Hori Fighting Stick 3 £25

Hi! Just saw this deal on a press release, the FS3 is only £25!

Hori Fighting Stick 3 for Playstation 3 - Wired -

Supposed to be pretty decent to mess around with and is a lot cheaper than it is on amazon:

Hori Arcade Fighting Stick (PS3): PC & Video Games

This is a good deal right? :slight_smile:

£25 ~ $37.50

Not really a great deal in my opinion. These were going on Amazon’s lightning deals one night in December for $25. Though not the stick people were expecting, they still sold out fairly quickly.

In UK it is a good deal for a new one. The RRP here is £40, most places sell for £30-35 new and the arcade scene here is pretty balls so cheap sticks are hard to come by (cheap TEs for us here is £70-80).

I recommend getting it if you are on a budget and it is your first stick.

Could i get this and take out the pcb n wires n put them on a custom control panel with semitsu buttons and stick?.

Yes. Beware that the PCB is non-common ground (iirc), so you want to get a non-01 stick (e.g. Seimitsu LS-55 instead of LS-55-01).
Also the buttons need to be desoldered.

Need to? They can be ripped a part and leave the lower part of the plastic on from the switches (as it is a pain in the ass to desolder for me). Not healthy for the PCB but it is an option if you are struggling with desoldering.