Great Fighting, But Terrible Stories

It’s hard to find games out there with good stories and it’s even ahrder to find those with great stories. You can probably agree with me that generally speaking one could find video games with good stories in RPGs.

Fighting games however, are one of the genres that are known for terrible story structure. Street Fighter IV came out recently and we all had some complaints about those cutscenes and how they didn’t fit or make sense on their own, but of course you forgave that aspect because the reason you bought the game was because of its gameplay, but should that be enough. I think that the genre needs a series with a cerebral and satisfying story. In my eyes all video games are equally deserving of this psychological titillation.

In fighting games we usually get decent or bad, there’s nothing higher. Smash Bros was okay, primariyl because of the kind of game it was, it wouldn’t have seemed right for it to have a real serious story, but that’s not the case with them all. I like Tekken as well and I thought the series could have done a lot better with constructing the personalities and backgrounds on certain characters, but it just seemed to have grown worse overtime, just look at some of the cutscenes in Tekken 5.

I hope that somewhere down the future we can get a respectable and maybe even really good storyline from a new fighting game series.

No one cares about story lines in FGs, and Smash is not an FG. And I don’t even know why I’m replying to this thread :looney:

If Smash isn’t a fighting game then why do you have it listed as a main forum on a site that’s specific to fighting games? In addition if no one cared, then I wouldn’t be having this discussion right now and there are plenty of people in this world, so I cannot be alone on this.

VF has the worst story. Take Jeffry for instance!

VF1: Rawr I need a new boat to defeat Satan Shark
VF2: Crap I need another boat!
VF3: This fucking boat!
VF4: WTF I got mah boat and now the shark is gone! Need Sonar for my boat! Let’s go fight!

who plays fighting games for the storylines?

true only like 0.03% of people

I play fighting games for the competitive nature of it…
anyway I think soul blade has a horrible story line cuz all they want is the soul edge

One problem is that fighting games are really hard to make. There are innumerable things to consider with the fighting itself, and most players who want to play fighting games are there to play fighting games. It is a complete waste of resources for fighting game developers to try to improve their story for the sake of a small few who want it when, if they would truly be interested in fighting games, they wouldn’t give a flying fuck about the story.

Also most fighting games are arcade first, console second. Having stories in arcade games basically sucks the money out of the arcade patrons. And developers have enough problems just getting the arcade game as-is on console that it’s a bit of a surprise that they’re bothering adding stories anyway.

Play Guilty Gear or basically anything by Arc System Works; their console ports generally have interesting/funny stories (Battle Fantatia is too awesome and neglected).

i used to cry at kens wedding in sf and when ryu walked away from the prize

What’s hilarious is despite having the worst story of all time, Virtua Fighter is still the best game ever.

Because SRK is partners with AllisBrawl and Smash has been at evo for the past 3 years.
The general populous of SRK does not look at Smash as a fighter. Never have and never will.

VF character’s stories are great because you can sum them up in less time than it takes to cook a Pop-Tart.

OOH OOH I’ll do Aoi’s:

VF4: Who’s that Japanese dude? I’mma fight.
VF5: That Italian guy kicked ass! But he kinda made me moist. I’mma fight.

VF storyline isn’t that bad actually. The whole J6 debacle is interesting. The problem is that it never comes up in the game. No cutscenes, not even and ending for each individual character.

Well Jacky, Vanessa, Goh, and Sarah have pretty interesting stories at least. Akira is just another Ryu clone story. Aoi’s is pretty bad too, as a matter of fact they never ever state why she is even in the tournament. I’m glad she’s there as I main her, but WTF?

Toss in Kage as well since the Judgment Six angle involves him just as much as anyone.

Tattoo Assasins! but i guess is so bad that is good.

Yeah, isn’t Dural his mother or some dumb shit like that? That doesn’t make a lot of sense either.

I don’t know what the story is for Karnov revenge, but that looks stupid too.

Not sure if this is official or not. But when Gamepro released the Street Fighter 2 gamers guide (which I use to own) they had a lot of silly stories involved explaining the changes in characters from Street Fighter 2 to Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition.

Apparently the reason why Ryu’s fireballs got buffed is because while he was practicing, a typhon hit and he did a fireball. Because of the wind, he was able to unlock the ability to throw faster fireballs. It also apparently made his hurricane kick stronger as well and this explained why it knocks people down in CE as opposed to WW.

JJBA and HNK had great stories.

That’s because they’re based off of anime’s which already had well established story lines.

mkv’s story is awesome yeah!!!

it’s so awesome we made a separate page for it

This is the reason why I play him. Gotta have mah boat!

I always liked the 90’s snk storylines

one more thing, smash brothers sucks