Great Food in the Northwest


Yo. So. We all eat, right? I imagine that we all also have favorite places to eat… certain foods that are above and beyond the competition.

So. Post up. Recommend restaurants, fast food chains, whatever. Also… if someone is having a great deal… share the wealth.

Like Jack in the Box. Free small fry and drink this coming Tuesday with a coupon:

For Portland people, I went to a longtime favorite Mexican food restaurant in Delta Park last night. It’s not the greatest restaurant in the world, but they have one especially great (nice, generous on refills, etc.) hostess, Margarita, who makes the place particularly noteworthy. But they also have my favorite salsa… a cooked salsa that isn’t really spicy, but it is full of flavor… and great chips (a bottomless supply of both when dining in, by the way). And… most impressive… is this gigantic burrito (the B-52… coming in at $25) that is… uhm… huge. I went there with my family of five last night. Functionally, we’re all adults. This burrito feeds all five of us… and we can eat a lot… and still have leftovers to take home. It’s a fantastic deal for a bunch of guys or a family. I recommend it. :tup:


beth’s on aurora, kinda near greenlake. total greasy spoon, hole in the wall, total dive, but its a local institution. open 24/7, serves the best breakfasts, home of the 12-egg omelet (its a beast, it comes served on a pizza dish. I couldn’t finish it. comes with bottomless hash browns).

hawaiian barbeque on 55th and the ave, u-district. hawaiian food is like this weird mix of japanese and filipino food and its great. another local, low-key, place. feels like home. really cheap with a good selection of different foods.


Thanh Brothers on Broadway in Seattle.

wut u know bout dat pho?


Pudge Bros Pizza is on 45th just over the Freeway by UW and has amazing breadsticks. Pizza is good (most pizza is) but the breadsticks are what really make it standout.

“Memo’s” on the Ave is open 24 hours and has some great burrito’s for 4 dollars. I usually stop by there on the way home from Zach’s. Portland people coming up to Seattle should check it out.

Leonardo’s subs is amazing too. 5.50 for a footlong sub with most everything on it, and the bread and ingredients are always fresh. It’s the place to go if you are looking to fill up and have a good meal fast.


Beth’s was on Man Vs Food. Dude couldn’t finish the 12-egger.


Gorditos on 85th in Greenwood. Burritos the size of a human baby.


I went to Memo’s last night with Keith, shit was excellent.


is Memo’s new? I don’t remember hearing of a Memo’s when I was at UW


Yeah, it opened up probably 9 months ago, and Dan is correct, shit is excellent. You don’t think Burritos are supposed to be that heavy. They are slightly smaller, but feel a lot heavier than the ones you can get at Taco Del Mar. Cheaper, taste better, and more meat too.


well great food is At my work. Best salmon in Seattle. The Brooklyn also has happy hour 7 days.
My personal favorite in Seattle…jimmy johns!


Paseo is a pseudo-Cuban place on 42nd and Freemont. Awesome pork sandwiches.

For breakfast food…
Black Bear Diner in Bellevue/Redmond. Typical diner-type stuff, but huge portions and awesome biscuits.
Portage bay Cafe in the U-district is a bit on the crowded and expensive side, but I forgive them because of their breakfast buffet: giant bowls of fruit and whipped cream that you can use to cover your pancakes/waffles/whatever.


+1. Will definitely vouch for this, I love that place. Also, another great mexican place is Michoacan restaurant right on 15th and just before 85th in Ballard. Try that one if you haven’t yet.


my bro and jacob can hahaha


Catfish corner in Madrona near garfield, has the best hushpuppies of all time. I haven’t had them in a few years but I still think about them.


man it was halloween. i was so fuckin wasted i puked 3 times before we even got to beths. i dominated the 12 egg and hash browns…and i am still alive to eat more gross food to this day. with that being said:

ezell’s in the central-chicken strips all day

zesty on rainier-get that luther vandross burger you may die from eating with the egg and hotlink on top and a milkshake

the basketcase in skyway-the hot link burger

i havent been to XXX in issaquah? but i heard its really good


There’s a place called Catfish Corner up the hill from my house, same place maybe?


Yeah I passed by and it is the same place, try it sometime, or even KICK IT WITH A HOMIE FOR ONCE IN YOUR LYFE.


its good pho you!


XXX is the bomb. If your out that way there is a place called small fries. In seattle go to redmill for a burger. For the best sandwiches in seattle go to paseo !


Red Mill is good stuff. Only ate there once when I was hanging out with my brother in Magnolia and it was damn good.