Great matches thread

I don’t know about anyone else. But at my job, is blocked. :expressionless:
And I know that some of you out there can put videos on here embedded. So i’m wondering if this can be a thread for the best matches to watch. For the sake of me being a noob and also wanting to watch some good matches.
Thanks all.

P.S. : Don’t tell me to get back to work lol. I’m a telemarketer.

Embedded videos will still be blocked, I think…

I hate you lol jk… >_>

Annnnywayysss, have you tried twitchtv?
They stream umvc3 usually among other games.

here a match but i don’t think gonna work for u, other user can comment this I have intention of posting further on weekly basis, to get my game better I think gonna be great talk about, i also could set lobby an up matches using spectating so add me on psn