Great news! ^^ (hype!)

The SFA3 Match & Combo Movie thread

Do some of you people know the arcadia magazine coming out in japan? It’s a magazine based around the arcade scene in japan. All arcade games that are Beat’em ups there will come into a popularity list. And the arcadia ranks in their magazine the 10 most popular arcade fighter in japan. (2d and 3d games mixed in one list.
So the arcadia magazine is the top source for the fighting scene in japan. This magazine get’s official artworks from time to time and those art work are sometimes exclusively made for this magazine. Enough of the story here’s the hot news. This month Alpha 3 is back in the Top 10! Belive it or not, it’s back! The eyes won’t betray us look this picture.

you can see the ranking on the right of the screen. Enjoy it. Make your eyes feel good. Take a picture of it and make yourself a new desktop out of it. I know I’m hysteric about it, but it’s time for the HYPE! A3’s back on the dancefloor.:lovin:
(and this dancefloor is burning, lol!)

[/hype mode off]

I doubt it’ll end up back at SBO or anything though.
North America doesn’t seem as fond of CCing infiniting as Japan does. Especially since everyone knows 5 billion different ways to set them up now.
Recent attempts to get Alpha Anthology into EVO weren’t really greeted with much enthusiasm either. Mostly because the game was broke as shit, but there was no real scramble to get any A3 games going either. I think a lot of people just sort of feel ‘done’ with the alpha series in general.
Lots of people still play it I’m sure, but I wouldn’t assume that this necessarily means anything for the scene here.

I feel more ‘done’ with 3S that I do with Alpha…

oh well, KOF 2k6 kicks ass.:lovin:

the game is not that broke geez… Its not more broke then any other game you guys are all horny over. And id say its less broke acctauly since theres way more good characters then bad say in others…

Who are you trying to convince? I can’t see real life being breathed into Alpha in any way. Even locally it’s hard to get people for casuals, but most people will play 3rd Strike.

i was speaking of hyper alpha not a bunk fake SF like a3.

Kind of contrdicting your self there aren’t you…?

he does it often. pay no attention.

I was just waiting for someone to pipe up on that :stuck_out_tongue:

Best Kind Boxer, is that you?

sfa3 characters are not the same as they are in the other games, taken away the bs makes it better if you ask me. Custom combo type shit is boring anyway. plus since a1 and a2 are genraly more powerfull it makes it more sf anyway. A1/A2 is more Street Fighter then Alpha 3 will ever be.

How exactly does one quantify “Street Fighter-ness”? Is there a standard Street Fighter reference point or framework which one uses to measure how much a game is like “Street Fighter”?

I always thought the clue was in the name…

My dear People!^^
This is called:“The hype thread.” Not the mock about Alpha 3 thread. Infinites doesn’t brake the game because you set up them from VC’s. The gameplan from A3 tells you to land VC’s. So if you manage to get hit from a VC, then it’s total legal to get hit from the infinite. So we come to the conlusion that the plan of the game still is to land a VC and thus the game in terms of original gameplan is not broken. Anyway this isn’t the thread for such things. We can argue why the japs show love again for this game. (besides the default basic love they already had for A3.) And when we’re at it just share the love for this great game.

I don’t want to hear about the resignation or frustation when it comes to A3. This is the anthology forum. So if I don’t like A3 or the other games? Why should I waste my time here?

C’mon the age of Alpha 3 love has begun, lol. :lovin:

(btw guy’s, for about 1 month ago I discovered a page with new japanese Ranking Battles. They have just begun and don’t abused the top-tiers. Not right now, but maybe they’ll get better and will do it. ^^ Anyway want to make a big japanese A3 link list, with many japanese A3 related stuff. Is it appreciated? Or would it be a waste of time?)

Got a link to these RBs?

like I said. pay no attention.

this is a guy who tried to tell me V-gief isn’t top tier solely because V-Vega can give him a hard time.


ah I think you got the wrong person jackass. Cuz I dont even play a3 let alone post about it.

oh snap I did. my bad.

You’re the “A1 Guy is in no way broken, but sodom unblockables are a crime” guy.



think you got the wrong guy again idoit, cuz I dont recall saying something ever as gay as sodom blockables are a “crime”.

no, it’s you I remember the FINAL SHOWDOWN handle.

Everywhere A1 Guy is knocked there you are, rain sleet or shine trying to persuade everyone that he’s not broke. Then try and shift focus onto how people are “forgetting about ken” and “sodom and rose have BS too”

EDIT: shit,… look at your post history on anything alpha tier related. on not just here, on Gf’s too