Great offline but terrible online?

title says it all. oh and i mean in arcade mode and player vs cpu in versus.

my main as you can see is dee jay but i also play with boxer sumo and guile

How are you against other people offline…

old school sitting on the couch with a couple buddys

Okay…are you great offline against other people?

im not sure none of my friends play street fighter lol

Okay…so I guess the reason you are terrible online is because you are playing against other people who have more experience against other players than you.

wtf i couldint see your entire post so it looked like “Okay…so I guess the reason you are terrible online is because you are playing against other people.”

i guess you’re right. thanks :smiley: ill have to make friends at the up coming tourney.

Yeah…pretty much.

Remove “great offline but” and “online???” from your thread title, and the fundamental answer shall be revealed to you.

Stop playing the computer, you are learning tons of bad habits. Training mode, online, real live people. no cpu!

CPUs don’t use the same logic humans do. A cpu can only “react” to the input you put into the game (which in reality could make them insanely hard to beat but designers aren’t that mean or short sighted enough to do that). Humans on the other hand can develop insight into patterns tendencies of another player or even character strategy. This is why you must play other people or you will get use to the cpu patterns and never grow as a player.

Welcome to every fighting game ever created with online play.

It doesn’t even really count as playing if it’s not against another human opponent.

You aren’t great if you lose. And if you don’t play other players, it’s basically impossible to be good, or even halfway decent.

Never ever never play against the computer unless you’re going for achievements/trophies. I have a friend who did that and now he has the worst habits in the world and when I ask him; Why would you do that? He says because it works against the computer and now he doesn’t even like or play the game anymore because when he plays against real people he loses all the time.

You know I did have an online match last night that the player acted like the computer, I cracked under pressure and did a random ultra. Once the Ultra animation started I knew i messed up and double face palmed, swore at my self then looked up, the ultra had hit, the guy must have done what the computer does when you do a random ultra “ohhhh… shiny pretty lights! must walk forward”

I had some online matches with my brother on GGPO.

Funny thing was that we used Skype and could talk and see eachother’s reactions. Gameplay was smooth due to low ping demands of GGPO. Amazing that video conferencing has not been implemented yet in online games of whatever genre. Seriously, I would not care about wins or loses if I could mock the opponent on screen!.

Wait till you play people at the tournament. Gonna have to bolt that stick down to the ground so that we don’t have another Gootecks moment :stuck_out_tongue:

CPUs are alright for getting to know your character a little better and practising combos, but their usefulness is extremely limited in comparison to actual players. CPUs follow obvious patterns; they cannot strategize, or adapt like a human player can. You can’t expect to become good only knowing how to counter these static CPU patterns.

I’m not that new to fighting games. I’ve been playing for about 8 months just about everyday. I gather with friends who are very good(one of them is the 500th best vega on PSN or so), and I can put up a really good fight against them. I give them trouble with mixups, and sometimes even help them with links.
I started playing with Super Turbo and play great on GGPO. But once I hit online with AE, all skill flies out of the window. Characters that can give my friends a ton of trouble and frustrate them are easily baited and destroyed online. Any tips?