Great table to big ass controller mod: big NES controller (video inside)

Pretty cool. Brings the party better than rock band. I would have never thought to make this

Oh man, thats innovative. It reminds me so much of a Fisher Price toy! XD

Ha, thats awesome.

That is officially my next project.

:wow: :wow:

Its not actually that new of an idea… someone on TechTV did it about 5 or so years ago.

i still think they did a pretty good job with this one, the design is very clean. for things like this, i dont care if they were the first to do it or. if it were a fad thing (like everyone in college has fun rockband to play at the chilled parties) id still think it was at least “fun”

Very nice. I like how he set all of the wooden buttons on springs

What kills me is that they always sacrifice a legit NES controller to do it. It takes one 50 cent chip, and if you want to be fancy, maybe a power decoupling capacitor. What a waste.

OTOH, that is some nicely done craftsmanship on building that particular one

How do u make a NES controller circuit? What chip is required Toodles?

A “4021” shift register. Lots of companies make them; easy example is one from TI: Digikey #296-2040-5-ND