Great Tekken 5 tournament april 3 and Great CvS 2 May 8th in Hayward California

GAME-ZONE RECREATION presents: the 3rd Official Video Game Tournament in HAYWARD, CA

Well sorry I haven’t posted here in a while but we still have some great games left for all of you to enter like Tekken 5 and Capcom vs SNK 2.

This tournament is brought to you by Game-Zone Recreation a video game and anime club at Chabot community college in the San Francisco East Bay area in Hayward California. Although this Tournament is at a community college you DO NOT have to be a Student there so the tournament is open to anyone who can pay the entrance fee which is only $5.00 per person per game.

We’ve had a good turn out the first tournament (Spring 06) and the 2nd tournament (Fall 06) was way way better equaling to the best tournament in the east bay (In my opinion).
These tournaments are a really good mix of games (not all of them are fighting games though) that go on every tuesday at chabot college. Last time we had a total of 15 games over a spand of 8 weeks and the grand prize was a Nintendo Wii.

This time though it will be a little bit different b/c the last two tournaments we had were individual one on one stuff for most of the games. This time it will be team style. So wat you’ll want to do is get a team of 3 and compete though out the whole thing for the grand prize which is straight CASH that depends on how many people enter so it will probably at the lowest be $120 can and most likely will be about $300 or more. You can go solo for all of these games too but it will be harder for you. You can also come and do any game of your choice w/o trying to go for the grand prize.
These tournaments are really really fun. There is some good competition in these tournaments too and it is a great place to test your skills.

Here are the games we’ve had so far this semister (sorry if you missed them)
February 27th - STREET FIGHTER 3, Gran Turismo 4
March 6th - MARVEL vs CAPCOM 2, DDR
March 13th - SUPER SMASH BROS. MELEE, Mario Kart 64
March 20th - SOUL CALIBUR 3, Perfect Dark 64
March 27th - GUILTY GEAR XX2 Slash, WCW vs NWO: Revenge (64)

And here are the remaining games we have and the dates and times for them.

April 3th - TEKKEN 5, Wii-Sports (Tennis)

April 24th - Halo 2, Call of Duty 3

May 1st- (Not sure yet but it will be player’s choice so check back later for these
two games. It will probably be Gears of War and Burnout:Revenge)

May 8th - CAPCOM vs SNK 2(Saved the best for last lol)

I am also one of the tournament managers for the tournaments too by the way.

For more info please contact me first by posting here at the forums or PMing me. Also discuss wat you think about it.

Also check out the website by Game-Zone Recreation for info, videos and also updates here at
(we are working on updates too to make the site look better too)
also check out the forum there too.

hmmmmm is there a reason that the turny is just now showing up and it began in feb. Too late to get the grand prize :lame: I’ll pass.

sorry about that I’m still pretty new to the forum and I’ve been posting this in the begining of febuary at least in the general tournaments event area but I just found out recently that there is north pacific section which is a much better section to post stuff like this in b/c I thought you could only do it in that general tournament events section. We still have the Capcom vs SNK2 tournament on May 8th. Also we are going to have this next semister too so I will definatly post the next one up way in advance. Once again sorry about that.:confused::wonder::lol:

Can you explain why you guys aren’t doing 3s and MvC2 and the like at EVERY tournament?

I mean, I understand there’s a “grand prize” and you have to enter multiple times and win multiple tournaments, but honestly, I’m going to be there for the 2D fighters only if I even go. So any reason why you can’t just run tournies with all the 2D fighters?

:lol: ah that’s a good question. We have a good number of turn outs for almost all of the games that are put in and if we did do only 2d fighting games it would not be as popular at chabot college plus it would mostly be most of the same people over and over in those 2d games and with all of the different types of games we actaully actract different types of people into these tournys in general. Actually the most popular game around here isn’t a fighting game at all it’s a sports game Madden (which ever the newest one is) the main reason we can’t put that game in is b/c it takes too long and we honestly don’t have permission from the school to go that long or use another day other than tuesday to have a tournament for that. Plus we are looking to find the overall best gamers in general b/c there are a lot of different tastes around here as far as games so we try to have a variation. Although fighting games are a big factor into the overall tourney games like halo 2have just as big if not bigger entries as most of the fighting games here. Last but not least we are a club at a community college in hayward so w/ that in mind these tournaments are extremely good for wat we have to work w/ and wat condition we have to meet/work w/. :lol: