Great things you thought would suck

We’ve all had hype blow up in our face; something we were really looking forward to turned out awful.
This thread is about the complete opposite: now-favorite things of yours that sounded like complete shit when you first heard about them. Either it sounded like crap on paper, or a friend described it to you wrong. You got on board later, though. Anything applies.
For me:

-Podcasts. “People just sit around and talk? I don’t really care for that.” Cut to now, where I’m downloading 30-50 of them every 2 weeks to help me through housework, waiting in line, and lulls at my job.

-The Dark Knight Trilogy. Well, I didn’t know there would be a trilogy. I didn’t know the Dark Knight would melt my face. I just “knew” that Batman movies suck after Batman and Robin. I came around to seeing Begins just a little before The Dark Knight came out.

OK, to be honest, those are the only two I can think of without pulling out examples I’ve mentioned a billion times already. How about you guys?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It wasn’t incredible but everything about it looked like shit except the actual movie.

Escargot, Foie Gras. I’ve only had each one once but both are pretty bomb!

Country Music. Once I realized older country wasn’t just some jarhead douche in a cowboy hat singing about how much he loves his pickup truck I found some really good shit. Lap Steel guitar :lovin:

Anything SciFi/SyFy original. I’ll bet their batting average is approaching zero again but I remember really expecting horseshit from BSG and was so pleasantly surprised.


The most recent Van Halen album. Bunch of borderline geriatric musicians who’ve mostly been out of the picture for the last 15 years? I didn’t expect it to suck, necessarily, but I was prepared to accept it for what it was. Surprisingly, it was damn good.

That is because Eddie Van Halen + arthritis + rickets + Jaime Lannister-itis would still rank in the top three guitarists of all time.

when i first saw pictures of windwaker in gamepro i thought it was gonna suck.
i also thought pikmin was gonna suck ,but now i’m a totall fanboy.

This thread. :smiley:


first week was kinda…weird. but then I started playing so much with my brother. all that variety really did it for me.

I should never have doubted him. :sad:

Never Back Down. I expected another pretentious, shallow, teen drama. Instead, I found a movie with characters with REAL problems and depth; in particular the main protagonist and antagonist. Great movie.

Borderlands…though the initial assumption wasn’t “sucks”… I thought it would be just “ok” at best. I bought it mostly on a whim after realizing certain friends I play with regularly were into it. Still, it was only great in co-op, and rather boring in single-player…then the vastly superior sequel came out and I’ve been more addicted to that than almost anything else in this console era… several hundreds of hours across multiple characters, all major DLCs so far, got all the achievements, and I’m still not tired of playing it yet.

The previous Teen Titans cartoon - the first season was indeed terrible… but the quality turned around when the story with Terra joining the team began.

One Piece. I thought it was a typical shonen manga with goofy art, but I was surprised by its characters and the consistency of the stories.

Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3. I’ve played the first Budokai game and didn’t have high hopes for Budokai 3, but I was genuinely impressed by the mechanics and combat.

Battle Hunter. It’s a mostly unknown PS1 game that got bad reviews (if a site actually reviewed it). My cousin and brother swore by the game, and when I played it I had more fun than I thought I would. There’s a lot of potential that’s hampered by being a budget game. If the team could make a new game with more content and online play, it would be a hit IMO.

This. So fucking good. Had some recently with a strawberry carpaccio. Deeeelicious.

Oh, I should add broccoli. The smell of cooked broccoli is a turn-off, but when I actually tried it, it didn’t taste the way it smelled. I actually like broccoli a lot now.

Country music. Excluding Cash I still hate it. BUT I do like Hellbilly

Cash’s generation has some other good guys too. Fucked-up people, mainly. Nowadays, the biggest problem country music singers seem to have is figuring out where on their palatial property they’re going to build their swimming pool with the Ford logo on the bottom.

Facebook - I use to think it was a ripoff of Myspace. Now no one even mentions myspace anymore, and I never thought I’d be checking FB on a daily basis.

Pixar animation - Toy Story was a masterpiece no doubt, but I never thought CGI would ever completely take the place of spectacular detailed hand-drawn rotoscoping. That quality animation dated back before my time, and it’s still amazing to see to this day.

Mayo and mustard mixed together - It’s like Morridoom but on a sandwich.

Plasma screens - Smaller than a big screen TV and with a rectangular shape that stretched the resolution if not set to 16:9, not to mention they lag.

Injustice: GAU

3D movies



Apple Inc.


Meant to post this in regards to Hellbilly.

Cash and his ilk are so very different from modern Country Music, as to not be even the same genre.

I would posit such singers as Johnny Cash, George Jones, ad Kris Kristofferson, to be more akin to a particular niche of American Folk.

I don’t even care about country at all, but I know what you mean. I listened to some Cash and then, on the rest of the random youtube ADD trip, listened to some modern country. Almost two different species.

There’s one I forgot:
Me in 2008: "So, there’s a high school teacher who catches cancer and starts making and dealing meth? And it’s HAL from Malcolm in the Middle? Are they picking shit out of a hat? Is this Mad Libs?"
Me in 2013 (every damn day): WHEN THE FUCK IS AUGUST 11TH GOING TO GET HERE!?