Great tutorials for beginners

Hi guys

I’ve just purchased SSFIV and its pretty much my first real attempt to take a fighting game seriously (minus a frustrating abortive few days with Virtua Fighter 4) and as such I’ve been scouring the internet for good tutorials.

The ones stickied on this forum are really good but I thought I could share one I came across on Youtube as I found it offered more depth and practical application help than the beginners ones on here which in my (ignorant) opinion are more geared toward explaining concepts rather than practical advice on learning.

Apologies if its been posted here before or if its already on the Forums somewhere but as I have watched about 10 different tutorial sets now and I found this to be hands-down the best I wanted to share it:

Its the VesperArcade Youtube channel.

The link should take you straight through to the tutorials which have helpfully been grouped into a playlist.

Seriously the depth is unbelievable and unparalelled from my research.

Really good, thanks for sharing!

Different to the ones I have been watching in the sticky posts.

oh yea VesperArcade is really good for the trials too they show the person hands while doing the trail even help my scrubby ass get most of the trails done. they added more tutorial videos from the last time i watch.

I really like their tutorials, pretty in depth although it’s currently very basic. They’re making their way up though.
Too bad it’s not coming out as fast as I would have liked.

wow i learn some basic stuff i was missing from my game from the latest videos a must watch for anyone wanting to improve anybasics or find little things to add to mix up.

After Evo I will be releasing the videos at a much faster rate. I have been just too busy with work recently.

Yay! Can’t wait. Good luck for Evo by the way.

Nice tutorials, I have added the link to VepserArcade’s channel to the video sticky :tup:

Yours are great too!