Greater St. Louis Area Bi-Weekly Round Robin League!

Bi-Weekly Round Robins held at my home in St. Charles, Misssouri. I live right off of Hwy40 inbetween Chesterfield and Lake St. Louis. We have at least two setups, sometimes as many as 3 or 4 depending on attendance.

These robins have been around since the release of SF4 and have helped a great deal of new players not only increase knowledge of the game and matchups, but get valuable tournament experience to take to St. Louis’ local Aerial Rave Monthlies(which may also become bi-weekly soon :woot:).

The round robin format means that you get to play 2 out of 3 vs every competitor who enters the event. No going 2 and out like in the monthly tournaments. This thread will track your performance, showing improvement vs certain characters and opponents letting you know what you need to work on and who you have gained ground on.

If you need help finding a ride or carpool to the events, just post up. Many people are willing to pick up new challengers and a carpool makes alot of sense in a bi-weekly format. These events are open to anyone wanting to step their game up, or just get their feet wet in competetive play.

They are every other tuesday, starting at 8pm and are only $5 to enter with the winner taking the pot(if more than 8 enter, second gets their money back). We have casual/practice matches starting at 6pm(sometimes earlier) and we usually play afterwards, going till at least 12am and sometimes till 2-3 in the morning. Lots of fun, lots of hype, and lots of improvement are what these things are all about.

Give me a call at 618-365-1602 for questions regarding the location, start time, and anything else robin related. Our league is growing and would love to see some new faces wanting to finally take that next step in ssf4. :lovin:

Robin results:

Rex0r vs Scamp(2-0) Leuger(2-0) RamenNoodle(0-2) Enygma(2-0) Sparxxxster(2-1)
ScampJohnson vs Rex(0-2) Leuger(0-2) Ramen(2-0) Enygma(2-0) Sparx(2-1)
GermanLeuger vs Rex(0-2) Scamp(2-0) Ramen(1-2) Enygma(2-0) Sparx(2-1)
RamenNoodle vs Rex(2-0) Scamp(0-2) Leuger(2-1) Enygma(2-0) Sparx(2-1)
Enygma vs Rex(0-2) Scamp(0-2) Leuger(0-2) Ramen(0-2) Sparx(0-2)
Sparxxxstr vs Rex(1-2) Scamp(1-2) Leuge(1-2) Ramen(0-2) Enygma(2-0)

4 points for 1st, 2 points for second, 1 point for third.

Overall points:
Rex- 4
Ramen- 2
Leuger- 1

Heh welcome friend, i’m afraid you may be in for a rude awakening but i like to see some cockiness! Me and Player are the best, and we’d love to give you a decent challenge(with pretty much every character in the cast :smiley: ). These round robins will give you a chance to try your skills out against everyone who enters, so it should be a good way to judge your skill. But trust when people say offline is an entire different world, as well as the competition.

Next tuesday(JUNE 15th) is the next robin!

Glad to see there is already shit talking, I’m listening! I’ll be there on the 15th with my $5 donation.

I’m ready. I have never played against anyone who beats me really bad. I play a lot of really good players on the PSN network such as porkloafking, I-IAV, umeshoryu-. I think they got really good placings at MWC. I was watching the stream. I seem to do really well against those guys online so I’m certain I can hang with you guys. PAD WARRIOR!

Rexor and Player will make it seem like you dont hang with them.


Do they win tournaments? I have never heard of them. I watch streams with all the famous players like Sanford Kelly. Are they better than those guys?


I’ll make it for sure to the next RR. Been working on my Bison, and a few other mysterious characters.


Sounds like the Round Robins are heating back up with Super and the weather. Would anyone be willing to bring a 3rd set-up?

jsporty- lol obvious joke post, sigh, thought we might really have another new player. Instead we get another new f0rest :P. All real people play on xbox :(.

Fuck xbox! lol. i have to work next tues. i will probably call off. i need to get back into this shit for real. Aint been able to get real time in since november.

Hell yeah and it’s a whole new ballgame when you rockin dat ps pad son.

Yo Rex, your PM Box is full. Good work on getting the RR all hyped up, I’ll def be down for casuals on the 15th.

Sorry guys just realized that with my new summer school schedule these will have to be moved to either monday or wednesday :(. Im leaning towards monday so as to not interfere with Wednesday CoMo hookups. I suppose Friday could work if need be as well, but id prefer a weekday.

The next event has been pushed up to June 14th. Unless the majority would prefer monday and then we could move it up a day. What day works best for you guys, if you have a preference post up and let me know. Again my bad on announcing the date without realizing i have class on tuesdays now, durr :/.

ummm, sooo jsporty == fOOOrest??.. :rofl: and did someone say ‘umeshoryu’? dat nigga soundz familiar…l0l

I’m okay with things being changed to Monday. And plus, it’s only $5, so my broke ass can afford it.

I can bring a ps3 + ssf4 disc if that would help, don’t have a tv to lug over though. Let me know.

I can do Wed

Uh well most can do that, it’s the tv we really need but thanks for the offer ^_^.

Rex, edit the original post to whatever days you’ll be holding this. I may, although the chances are slight, be able to make the one next week. I have to work, but not til about 3 in the morning, so we’ll see. And AR won’t be biweekly, but semimonthly. It’s not the same.

Jsporty, I’m on GFAQs as well, as theone4every1. I don’t remember seeing you, although I play with porkloafking and umeshoryu- as well. Both are really good, but it’s hard to compare because playing online and offline are just very different games. So it’ll be interesting to see what you got. Add me on PSN, and we’ll spar from time to time. Are you on the chat with the rest of us? I’ve never seen you in there? And check the posts on here more often than GFAQs. The info here is less cluttered and just better overall.

See you guys at AR this Saturday. Hopefully we’ll be in front. Hopefully

Whats the difference? I’m not sure what the AR schedule is shaping up to be, its exciting though :D.
LoL jsporty isn’t real i don’t believe :P, thats funny someone actaully goes on gamefaqs.

Also i got a call today from a new player in Fort Leonardwood about the Robins, we growing son! :slight_smile: