Greater St Louis Round Robins, new season!


With the release of Marvel 3 round robins are back now with no entry or venue fees :rock:. Every other wednesday at 7pm i will be hosting a round robin tournament, meaning you play everyone who attends in a 2/3 to help with the high pressure of tournaments.

Each tournament will earn you ranking points for the season (6 robins, 12 weeks) based on your ranking but also on attendance. Top 5 placers over the season will fight it out at the end in whats sure to be some hype matches, with the winner getting a fun prize to go with their bragging rights. Top ten in attendance over the season are entered into a drawing for another prize (as well as custom DONT SHAKE MY HAND tshirts for all 10). The real prize is the practice handling pressure and tournament nerves and the experience gained from all the different matches :tup:, which everyone wins.

The new season begins this wednesday at 7pm, casuals start at 6. Give me a call at 618-365-1602 or PM me for the address or any questions you may have.


Finally! Some mother fucking don’t shake my hand shirts!


yo rex u running just marvel now or is super getting some love too


Both will be run each event. We need to get the rust off in super!


Yea I’ll enter in Super but nowhere near confident nor ready nor…well yea Ill enter super :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if that’s okay with you rex XD can I come over?


Ya we do! :woot:

“Train Harder!”


Dridion- of course man this event is open to any player looking to improve or looking to come out drink and goof around too ;).

Scamp- yup- check your PM’s.


rex - i know we talked about it on the ride back, but good look on the new season. no fee is sure to draw in more players. i also like your idea of you canceling the RR if it overlaps with a danno tourney. as for casuals, people have the choice of attending which ever one they please. i see this season being better than the first depending if the regulars that quit showing will start showin up again. it will definitely be a good thing to help those that need help with the character match up.

to the guy that needs acceptance from the top and likes being a lapdog, grow the fuck up.


Why didn’t they nerf doom? I mean, he should have like 400,000 health, and just take out the foot dive. I’m considering dropping him cause they are surely gonna nerf him next patch.

Anyways, does anyone think they’ll be willing to come up to Columbia for some ranking battles for ssf4 and mvc3 at a local Arcade/Lazertag/Stadium Food/Bar to help the Columbia scene out? I figured I’d ask you guys before I asked the arcade and got their hopes up with customers.

Here’s their site The Galactic Fun Zone


I’d be down for sure. And i geuss the obvious return question would be would anyone from Columbia be willing to come down for these ranking battles?


Pretty sure I would; especially if carpooling were involved with other Columbia guys.

It’s pretty dead down here, I’m always happy to play more “foreigners.”


Umm yea I’m ppraaaying to God that that quote wasn’t directed to me. If it was well,

I was just being silly when I asked Rex if I could show up. I like to be 1000% sure that I’m welcomed at someone’s place before showing up unannounced. I don’t see any reason why you should have stuck your nose in it when it was a comment directed at Rex. This has nothing to do with “growing up” or being a “lapdog” or even needing some fake ass acceptance…from whom and for what?! It’s about common respect and courtesy you give someone, which apparently you don’t have. Take your own advise and grow the fuck up! You’re not the end all be all.