Greatest Action movie scenes in History!

Post what you think are the greatest action scenes in movies!

I’ll start with some classic Steven Seagal from “Out for Justice”, ultra-violent movie made early in his career…y’know back when he was actually trying to act! Tons of quotables in this scene and a special participation by the one and only Dan Inosanto as “Sticks”.



“You were still suckin’ your thumb when your brother was around suckin’ dick.”

“Anybody know why Richie did Bobbie Lu-PO!”

“Who’s hotdog is this? eh, Is this your hotdog?”

Good thing that Dan made a cameo as random escrima guy there or else the fight woulda been rediculously one sided rather than extremely one sided. Steven Segal is such an ass that half of the actors that work with him refuse to work with him again. To date he is the ONLY american martial arts actor to never have made as many as two movies with the same actors… even sequels. Way of Harmony indeed :/.

That was great. I haven’t seen that in years. Thanks Sheng Long!

wow…Steven seagal’s character seems like such a douche lmfao but i haven’t seen that movie all the way so i can’t make judgements…man those poor guys who got socked by the cue ball…made me cringe abit…Especially the guy who caught the Android 13 punch to the balls. And almost forgot how Steven Seagal = bones will be broken.

Edit: which reminds me…i’ll make my contribution to this thread though i’m sure plenty of you guys have seen it…

Tony Jaa’s Bone Breaking 101 class as seen in The Protector:

Steven…you got nothing on this scene…i’m sorry lol i’m not even watching it right now cause i’m typing it and I’m still cringing from the sounds alone lmao

:rofl: Tony Jaa Crotch Locking people’s limbs


Nigga edit: I’ve always liked the [media=youtube]AqB06B4yBFs"[/media] from Advent Children

thats not eddy gordo’s motion capture artist. the dude vs tony jaa is lateef crowder of zerogravity fame a stuntgroup from cali.

the motion capture artist of eddy gordo is a capoeira mestre named mestre marcelo

ironically a fellow zg stunts member larry leong was mestre marcelo’s student.

woo…Jaa and them knees! I tell ya boi! And I always thought and still think that capoeira was completely impractical…but this guy was making that shit look tight as hell…till he started taking jaa kicks…

And Tifa vs. Loz is classic…pretty sure Loz wasn’t expecting half of what he got in that fight lol. I still Lol at that ugly and ghetto as hell boot that Loz gave Tifa at 4:09…lmao…that shit is sloppy. Tifa was doing all this flashy kick ass shit to him and he responds with that lol.

Aight more contributions from me…

Jet Li’s Reality check that he served to the black belts from kiss of the dragon:

Final Fight from Kiss of the Dragon:

my favorite part of the final fight starts at 1:48 on this clip…just Jet Li straight up clowning this guy and making him look stupid lol. That shit had me gone.

Edit:…errr…big titty bitches?

now a days with the information flowing the way it does yes certain martial arts as a whole are impractical but their methodology and certain techniques aren’t.

at the time capoeira was created it was 100% practical. a martial arts disguised as a danced to be trained right in front of the slave masters eyes.

I mean it was soo vicious it was outlawed in brazil for quite some time. they used to cut the heel tendons of people using the style in brazil. so it obviously has some sense of practicality if the govt feared it.

hmmmm…very very interesting…thanks for that maxx…i feel like i just had a GIJOE moment. I’m actually go look that stuff up on wiki.


I vote for this as one of the greatest not for being good action (cause it definitely is not), but the video is very suitable for Shoryuken (you’ll see) and seeing Jackie Chan cosplay as Chun-Li is always funny, especially if you’ve got a nice buzz going.

a clasic one

wtf?! jackie chan doing a music video…lol moment

err…not exactly an action movie…but never knew jackie could sing…o.o doesn’t sound that bad unless that was all studio lol

Apparently there was some stuff edited from the crazy 88 fight from kill bill vol. 1 that was put in with the japanese release…I did not know that… and the fact that it was played in color.

Japanese color version of Crazy 88 fight from Kill Bill Vol. 1:

The Bride vs. Vernita Green from Kill Bill Vol. 1:

I would have loved to see how this would have kept on going if it wasn’t for the kid cause this was just an all out brawl all over the damn place.

And just for fun i’m adding this…

The Bride vs. Go Go with mario effects:

theirs a whole scene with michael jai white in the movie that got edited out…i wanna get the japanese box set since its clear after like 3 years of waiting…the us aiignt getting it.

millionaire express fight scenes

lee vs noris
I keep it old school

I knew it wouldn’t have been long before someone had to put up bruce lol. I’ve never seen millionaire express before but that clip was fuckin awesome. I’m about to look for more of that. Poor Noris…70% wall combo.

Many martial arts are impractical for 1 reason; tradition. The philosophy is often stringent enough to prevent the destruction of its ego, something necessary in the growth process. Unfortunately the entire planet doesn’t stay in 1200 AD Okinawa or 500 AD Southern China.

Governments fear people talking just as much as they fear people fighting, if not more so, that indicates nothing of practicallity. Only that people in general are assholes: people who want power rarely want to give it up, and the general public generally only care about their personal needs.

oh trust me…i know. tradition has held alot of martial arts back and thats why their will always be a split with mma and traditional martial arts. where mma is open to other styles and taking the best movements, tma as a whole will continue to believe their the end all to be all because it worked 200 years ago in a time where people were riding on horses and stealing the farmers daughters.