Greatest Claw Moment



Well for me I have a couple great moments. moments you are proud of, or just moments where they’re super cool or something like that.

For me, I’ve had a couple double perfects. Those are always nice. Always make you feel good about your game, too.

In particular though, one time I had a fight at the tournament I recently placed 4th at, where it was winner’s quarter finals. I was placed up against a Guile, who is no slouch. I was also pretty poor at the Guile match up so I was somewhat skeptic as to how I’d do. What ended up happening was in the first match I lost pretty bad. At one point, he even air grabbed me out of an FBA and taunted. Everyone watching was getting hype, but I just laughed. Taunts don’t effect me, I just thought it was a funny move. The guile player was talking smack too.

Second match, and I lost the first round, (doing somewhat better) and in the second round I was on the ropes. He had a lot of health left and I had nothing left, really. At this point I still hadn’t use my ultra. I play this guy occasionally and he’s been caught by my FADC ultra trick once before, so he knows to be smarter than that. Basically what happened… I did it the other way around. I focused a couple sonic booms, and didn’t do the ultra, cause he was waiting for it. So then he throws another sonic boom, I block it, then just do a reversal ultra… what do you know, he was shooting another sonic boom! I hit him for huge damage and from that point finished the round… now I was pumped. After that, I was not going to lose.

So I didn’t! From that point on I straight up kicked his ass. Seemed to figure him out all in that one instant, the ultra must have mindfucked him really bad or something. He was really surprised that the taunts didn’t effect me, but I was too distracted cause normally when I play a matchup like vs Guile I think it’s more fun than intense. Against Ryu, a taunt prboably would have phased me. But yeah I ended up beating him and it was one of the most hyped matches of the whole tournament. It was intense and my heart was beating out of my chest for a while, but once I got into my groove and he couldn’t get out of my mixups, and couldn’t camp with sonic booms and not let me in, I was feeling really good. It was just a sick SF moment.

Also, the first time I showed up to ranbats and won on my first day. That was a shock for me, but it was a damn good feeling. I’ve never really won at anything other than SF, so to have my first ranbat win like that… pretty damn good feeling. Please share yo!


I have only had a double perfect like twice or three times. However I have had many perfects in total. I once got a perfect and an ultra kill at the same time lol (though that was against a noob online player).

I remember like twice I had like 2 % life left and won a match against a competent opponent when opponent had either full life or close to full life.

I pulled this off twice against two different Vega players. FA and wait for Vega to backflip, then DC ultra them at the end of the lag.

Oh yeah how could I forget. Focus attack (lvl 2) crumple combo, into another focus attack (lvl 3) crumple combo, into another focus attack (lvl 1) crumple combo lol which kills them. It happens here and there, and those are just awesome to watch.

There was also the time where I was playing someone and we were both around same health, and we were both at opposite ends of the screen crouching and charging. I taunt with, “Does your ugliness embarrass you?” and the opponent comes flying at me being so reckless and then loses. That was too funny.

Then there was this other time where me and another guy was turtling at opposite ends of the screen both at low health. I start walking and right when opponent sees that and does dash punch I do ultra (cause of the longer than normal buffer).

I think that some of my matches with jozhear are also great jajaja. We pull off some crazy stuff in that Vega mirror match.

And congrats Jozhear.


I had one just the other night! I think it was Tuesday night.

I was playing against THEKINGKINDRED’s Sagat (If you know who that is) and I got him in the Izuna drop loop. I was at about 25% health left and he had around 80% when the loop started. I got him all the way down to about 30% health when he tried to ultra me, but fortunately for me, he ultra’d the wrong way and completely wiffed. I landed, and Ultra’d him in return for the KO!

It’s was really nice…


It was during my early days of SFIV, I was fighting a Sim and a pretty damn good one at that. So we’re trading back and forth which was more me getting beat down as he knows the matchup more than I did at the time and I’m just having to rely on punishing what I can, just barely managing to beat him the round I did.

So we’re at the last round and I’m in the corner getting my ass royally whooped, then he goes for the ultra xx super teleport mixup. By some strange mix of beauty, jeebus, and luck I flipped the ultra long enough to charge mine and escape the corner, shot to the opposite wall to hit him with my ultra while he was still in his super animation. We were both like “holy shit son!!” and GG’d.


For certain it was pulling off 5 or 6 izuna’s in a row and having the Ryu I was facing off against ragequit. There seriously is something magical about pulling off constant Izuna’s when someone keeps trying to FA and SRK your FBA’s that seems to make XBL life worthwhile knowhatImean?


Perfecting a Sagat in a g2 final


Oooh that had to have made you feel better than a king.


Winning the now ‘legendary’ Fibbers SFIV tournament in Dublin back in May was my proudest Vega moment… Whenever I go to a tourney or meet these days I still hear people talk about it. The best thing about the tourney was that it was in a bar and was watched by many non-SF fans(including my mates and girlfriend) and they all got really into it.
In the final I managed to beat the guy who counterpicked and defeated my Vega in the final of the SFIIturbo pre-tourney earlier that evening, so that was especially sweet!
The morning afterwards, I was actually in the queue in a Deli and heard some people talking about it in front of me and a guy saying ‘A VEGA WON IT!!!’ I felt like saying ‘that was me actually…’ but I kept quiet, beaming proudly inside!
Other great moments have included: Beating EMP Sabin(Arturo Sanchez)in Champ mode, my first replay, first G1 championship win, double perfecting Mika La La’s Abel(one of the highest in SG) and breaking 50 G1 final wins(I’m now on around 70 with about 90 losses LOL), noticing one of my fights on Youtube break the 1000 views mark(posted by the loser BTW)…


Timing my Ultra EXACTLY perfectly to counter a Ken’s wakeup Ultra.

I waited until he was knocked down and then did the input, I flew off to the side of the screen and then PSHEWWWW Ken starts his Ultra. The VERY next instant PSHEWWWW “SOAK IN YOUR OWN BLOOD” (Ken gets hit out of his Ultra) “BLOODY HIGH CLAW! HAHAHAHAHA.” Best way to win a final round, ever.

Either that or Perfecting a Balrog in a G2 Semi-final. I don’t think I’ve ever had a double perfect though.


anytytime i air throw ken out of his ultra…just looks sooo good


Beating a G1-A sagat with my freshly new vega that i’m learning. Kept trapping him in some awkward mixups and vortexes.


The screen glitch worked in my favor. I went flying towards the side of the screen to try to go for an Izuna, and then my opponent (Ryu) jumped accordingly to punish me, but the screen glitched so I was actually in the air for a little longer, which made me destroy him as I flew back towards his ass and SLAMMMMMMMMMMMMM


A few moments ago, i was beating the living crap out of this guile in g2 championship, after he tried to sonic boom me i ultra’d and got him. right after my ultra finished him off in the second round he says " that F%@ing Vega, man you suck!". Claw FTW


Just achieved my dream of taunting a Ken in a G1 final replay…!!! It’ll be one of the top XBL new replays if anyone wants to see it…and some textbook anti-ken play(against a non-flowchart player):wgrin:


Taunt No.2 ftw.


That’s the one I used!!!:rofl:


Off Topic: Man we need to fight again. We had some awesome matches.

On topic. Good job catching Guile with your Ultra. His Sonic Boom recovers so damn fast, and it can be hard to do on reaction!


aye, I checked. :wink:


Same taunt :smiley: The f**king best in my opinion


Thanks Rugalitarian, anyway I like taunt number 8, especially after throwing the claw, but i only use taunts against really bad scrubs…