Greatest Female MMA Fighter Ever?

Oh I think so…this bitch is an absolute MONSTER…I’m a 220lb fairly built dude who can fight pretty well and I wouldn’t fuck with this little Asian chick.


Lol she kicked a woman while she was down, Truly A Beast

I wanna marry her so we can rassle e’ry night

Holy fuck… that woman is a monster.

Is this the chick who punched the face off one of the guys in the Jackass Movie? (or Dirty Sanchez, I don’t remember)…

i would marry kyra gracie and will beat up the whjole gracie family if i had to.

They should hold a intergender match with her and someone like rampage jackson…man that would be a interesting bout lol.

wow… she makes that Mishima backhand work.

kinda worried about getting in an armbar if i went to bed with that one.

Lol, you’ll be poking her and she’ll snap your fingers…

does she do pro-wrestling…if not wuts up wit the fat dude at the end?

lady has the tick throw down to a t