Greatest Fighting Series Ever

What in your opinion is the greatest fighting game series ever?

Street Fighter
King of Fighters
Samauri Showdown
Marvel / VS
Fatal Fury
Gulity Gear
Viruta Fighter
Soul Caliber
Enternal Champions
Killer Instinct

For me Street Fighter is the greatest fighting game series ever.

Eternal Champions was a series?

btw, you forgot Budokai omg wtf >:O

SF. I am a KOF player (more like “was”) but SF has ST, SFA3 and Third Strike, whereas KOF only has two games I consider any good. So as a series SF is better.


Street Fighter!

You expect something different on this board?

Street Fighter.

how can sf not be the greatest? it started the whole damn genre. without sf, you wouldnt have any of tthose other series on that list… that automatically makes it the greatest

Gee I wonder how this is going to turn out.

Fatal Fury is the answer by the way. :wgrin:

I have to go with Street Fighter, though KOF is a VERY VERY CLOSE SECOND.

Why did you even ask? The answer is pretty obvious, SF!

A tie between SF and VF, even though I want to say VF, SF3s stops me from doing that.

LOL, Street Fighter series will always be the best fighting game out there. King of Fighter series would trail SF series. Virtual Fighter, Tekken, Soul Calibur, Guilty Gear, and Marvel vs. Capcom all need alot of sequels just to become a decent series. Dead or Alive, Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, and Mortal Kombat series are all deadman walking.

umm was there more than one eternal champions…sf

edit: for some reason i really expected to see cvs in that list…dragonball?

eternal champions was the shit.PUNK!

No, it automatically makes it the most influential.


Virtual On

WOW someone mentioned Virtual ON!!! That is a GREAT GAME FORGOT ABOUT THAT ONE!!! Good call FFD!!!

battle arena toshinden.tobal 2

Uh, SS5S and Garou were pretty damn good.

VF, Tekken, or SF.