Greatest Milestones/Moments in Gaming History (for you)


The day I received my NES and Genesis.
Completing Journey to Silus for NES
Completing Contra without the 30 life code before any of my friends
Completing Shinobi for the PS2 on the hardest difficulty
The first time I finished Streetfighter that had the big ass buttons and then SF2 with Ryu
The first time I witnessed and did the raging demon in SFA
Finishing each Metal Slug Game accept 3 (it’s hard as fuck!) on 1 credit
Completing Magic Sword with 1 credit
Getting a million points for the first time SF2
Mastering all the characters in MK2 so that I could use Shang Tsung
The first time I played MvsC2 after it had been out for about a year (I was stationed in Italy and discovered it when I got back)
Finding out Samus was a woman on the NES and completing Super Metroid with 100% and in enough time to see her half naked.
Having completed every Megaman game and all of it’s spinoffs to date.

There are more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.


The day I bought my Dreamcast…saved alot of change for it
The day I got a job at a local arcade…my folks hated the idea.
The day I went to Evo 2006…still get that weird feeling around Evo time.
The day Dynasty Warriors pwned me…LU BU!!

That’s all I can think of ATM…


Beating Time Crisis 2 on 1 credit.


I think I know what that weird feeling is.


Beating Shin Gouki in ST :rock:


I OCV’d sanford once…

the only time i ever beat him :shake:

  • get Chrono Trigger’s “developer ending” on the first *New Game+. * Brutal, my ass.

  • getting Chrono Trigger’s “developer ending” on the first *New Game+. * Brutal, my ass.
  • doing a crouching Fierce into Demon Flip, and CATCHING THE OPPONENT, in Street Fighter Alpha 3.

  • beating double dragon for NES. I couldn’t beat it as a kid, but I finally did when I went to college.
  • beating zelda lttp in one sitting / life
  • beating snes SFII on hard, no losses for the coolest ending picture (likewise for snes SFIIT on both CE and HF modes)
  • beating final fantasy III and just watching the “The End” with stars flying past, as it was the end of my favorite (then and now) games of all time.


-Destroying adults in SF in the arcades when I was 10-11.

-Opening up my SNES w/ SF2 on Xmas morning

-Pulling off my first Raging Demon

-Pulling off Rock Howard’s Neo Deadly Rave in a tournament.


Being introduced to mario and then Ninja Gaiden in that order as my first nes games post atary bullshit years. Having Ninjas dominate the parts of my brains where what “cool” is stored.

Watching Subzero Fatality on the arcade. That shit is priceless. Specially when compared it to the Pit Fighter machine next to MK.

Robocop Arcade was pretty dope. People be dealing mad drugs at the arcade.


When I was in the 5th and 6th grades. I had a friend that I always teamed up with to beat various co-op games. Together, we’ve finished Victory Road (a.k.a. Ikari warriors 2), P.O.W. and N.A.R.C. spending less than 2$ between the both of us. We didn’t know what N.A.R.C. meant back then, but he assumed it meant Niggas Against Racial Crime. I don’t know how he thought that up, but it was classic.

Finishing Lifeforce on the NES without dying. Beating Mike Tyson after I don’t know how many tries.


Cool thread :tup:.

Despite being universally panned, Seperation Anxiety was notoriously difficult. It was also the first hard game I ever beat. I used to be an Easy Mode scrub.

Beating NGII was also a big accomplishment for me. As was finally netting a 1.0 k/d in Cod4 after a 260 kill defi…God dammit iPhone, spell the word for me!




master ninja mode in ninja gaiden 1 and 2


Beating Ninja Gaiden 1 as a kid after years of rage.
Winning a couple of Mario Kart 64 tournies.
Getting 101% completion on DKC 1 and 2.


Sega Genesis with Sonic 2 X-Mas morning.
Beating Sonic 2.
Getting all the Emeralds in Sonic 2 for the first time and seeing what they did.
Beating DMC1’s DMD Mode.
NGO’s Master Ninja Mode


100% on Megaman X
Beating both DKC1 and DKC2.
Learning Rom
Beating Megaman 2


For realz?

Damn that’s fucking G.


Playing the the tanker chapter of Metal Gear Solid 2 for the first time.It was the first time I truly felt I was playing a ‘next gen’ game.

Another great MGS moment was when you finally realised what it meant when Baker in MGS1 tells you to ‘look at the back of the package’.That type of shit will never be in games these days.

Also playing through Resident Evil 4 and Metroid Prime back in the day and realizing how amazing the gamecube was.Those two games still round out my top 5 games of all time.