Greatest Rogue Team Alive!

This Team was inspired By VDO. :clap:
R/C/C Rogue /Colossus/ Cammy. Many people do not believe in this team. :sad: M/S/P players don’t belive this team can win, but they can and have . I do admit this team take alot of strategy, and has suffered numerous losses, but they got better and fight harder as a midtier team if that. :badboy: They are a rushdown squad with no projectiles, just the kiss of Death,a Killer Bee, and shiney armor. :devil: But they hurt. And their up for any challenge or challenger. I look forward to anyone. This is a open invite.

u are ridiculous…

my rouge team is better
PMS pretty mean sisters
Rouge Chun Li/Spiral Tronne

you are all wrong, best rogue team is…

rogue (AAA), amingo (Balance), dan (AAA)
this team deals maJor damage qwuick. i call it team RAD cause its fuck rad get ready, to get your fuckin socks knocked off

Rogue/Sent/Cap is all I need.:cool:

The weakness on that team is colossus he sucks! now rogue and cammy ok. why not Rogue/magneto/cammy or if I wasn’t hooked on tron Rogue/Storm/Cammy. And don’t worry about magneto teams msp is not the greatest it can lose to anything if u can block.
Now what u should be worrying about is the devil of the game SENTIENLL. he kills all low teirs on the game not magneto/storm/cable/blackheart or spiral can do that. anyway try rogue/magneto/cammy. Or if u really want to get scrubbe pick rogue/Sentienll/cammy not a bad team if I didn’t hate so much.

Say john p are u going to ECCX if so can me and chris or just me catch a rid with u and joe?

dont know yet!!! its so gay!!

but i would most definitely be flying pat,… mayn if i go though, im gonna get krunk!!! hahaha :rofl: them niggahs dont kno bout rogue foo…

ps. i dont want to play u in the tournament :rofl: