Greatest Street Fighter music EVER (I PROMISE)


I promise you this is the greatest Street Fighter themed song EVER

Okay, the lyrics are good, but the dude’s delivery could be better.

Still, that was nice to listen to.

As an “overall” SF4 song it’s pretty good.

But T-Double still reigns with the character specific tunes. [media=youtube]EjLrxRz1sVI"[/media]

Erm… [media=youtube]FB1VDHY6PIo[/media]


Also: [media=youtube]D8tDJgbnHb4[/media]


These are some serious nerds, wonder the world for the answer?

What answer? What question are you asking first of all? How good am I in Street Fighter? What’s my destiny?

Not much, just spending what little you earn at Burger King at tournaments and on video games.

pretty good. I believe that’s the first time I’ve heard MS in a rap.

BUMB More people need to see this and comment on it

Gotta love this