Greatly reduce latency issues when playing on ggpo


TLDR: click video and uncheck autoframeskip, apply leatrix latency fix, disable aero theme win vista/7/8

smoothing 0 = possible if you both have the latency fix installed
1 = 10-90ms
make sure you and your opponent have the SAME smoothing setting, otherwise one of u gets smooth gameplay and the other gets choppy shit

Alternative way to disable aero

with the LAN latency fix posted below, you can play even 110 ms at 0-1 smoothing, but if your internet is shit, then your internet is shit.

FightCade 3S (GGPO killer)

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Questions for 3S GGPO players
Measuring GGPOFBA Micro Stutter

it can take someones fps to a solid 60 at all times when they had teleporting and shit before changing settings


I’m guessing this is only meant to address online lag? Cuz triple buffering is gonna add 1 frame video lag at a minimum.


well its possible to play without triple buff, but the most important factor for win 7 is to play fullscreen mode, that alone reduces the lag , triple buffering is optional


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Wait, turning off Aero reduces lag?




if you don’t have a job and bought the cheapest dell you could find, yes


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Aero is some wonky ass shit that screws with vsync and can do weird stuff to the framerate. lots of emulators have problems with it.

always best to turn it off


Disabling Aero in Windows 7 is very simple:

Right click the Desktop
Click Personalize
Under 'Basic and High Contrast Themes, click ‘Windows 7 Basic’


Well 3s has a little rollbacking and lag for me, but it could be from the emulator as it stutters and twitches for a little bit + the sound crackles every once in a while AND I get the black venetian blinds over the screen sometimes, but I’ve just assumed I have a shitty comp. Will have to see if changing the scaler will help.




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