Green Arrow VS Deathstroke matchup

Alright, so I consider myself to be a decent player. I don’t play the game as my mine game, but I get by. I don’t have any illusions about myself being really good or anything like that.

Now, with that said, I just have no idea what to do against Deathstroke as Green Arrow. I played a good 30 sets against a Deathstroke today, and while I was getting there by the end (nearly had him down to half his second bar), I just never could seem to get a win in. It feels like such an uphill battle. Unless you stifle them with an arrow, you have no chances of loading up special arrows, and by the time you get in you’re doing such pitiful damage it doesn’t stack up to all the chip and regular damage you’ve taken to get in. If you want to go for zoning, you’re just outclassed as far as that goes.

I’ve played against and beaten Deathstrokes before with other characters (Hawkgirl was my old main, and some others), but they had some better tools for getting in (flight, airdashes, ect.) and had much better damage output when they were in.

I’m just wondering if anyone has any strategy they can pass on to me in this matchup. I feel like I just need to learn the matchup better and level myself up, but if there’s anything I’m missing, please help!

(P.S., would anyone be interested in an Arrow thread? I don’t think there is one yet…)