Green Bay Gamma Bowl Results 2-9-08

First Pics from the event! LOL at funkdoc being SO mad in the last pic.

A few Vids:

More Vids:

Talkin’ Carn:

Wha?! Did we set a record? We got through 13 tounament games in one day, noon to midnight, WITH an hour dinner break! Here are the quick results for the Gamma Bowl. Thanks to everyone for coming, and thanks to my staff (ESPECIALLY ARSENAL) for helping make everything unbelievable.

This post will be edited with full results later :slight_smile:

It looks like Antonio is the UFGT-Cumulative Score winner, with a total of 47. I had 44, and I’m pretty sure no one else was really in the running. Congrats Antonio, and please get me your contact information for your prize money and certificate of achievement.

Edit- links to images of the brackets are now supplied in the results. I will still fill out the ‘full results’ over the next day.

Edit- To everyone that took video or photos at the event, THANK YOU!!! Please post in this thread with links to your multimedia from gamma bowl once it is uploaded, so that i can link in the first post.

edit- 54 people paid the venue fee. Only one mistake was made the entire day on brackets. Someone said to the table ‘i lost my melee match’, and whomever was running the computer marked them as the winner on accident. We only went two games deeper after that before we caught it and fixed it. The only other operational problem is that im about 40 dollars short after my accounting was done. Either some mistakes were made when taking in case during registration, i overpayed a prize-payout, or over-refunded somehow at the end of the night. The only thing that (im aware of) that got lost or stolen was Luigi-Bo’s ps3 pad. Im not sure he labeled it, and i dont think he was keeping an eye on it. Its very unfortunate if its gone, but you do need to keep an eye on your stuff, bro.

MEGA EDIT – - - - Apparently someone has Luigi-Bo’s PS3 pad! BIG UPS!!!

Ill shoutout to everyone who came and made this a success. I hope you liked my goofy raffle prizes, too. I talked some mad shit about how i was going to be DQing fools left and right if they were not where they should be, and at the end of the day, I didnt have to DQ anyone. You were all amazing at listening for your names and getting your games done and reported to the judge table. Triple A. The excitement level during some of the finals was awesome too. Loads of cheering got the joystix owners and other non-fighting game people in the building interested in all the hype. Im sorry that I didnt put on a better show in the finals I was a part of, but losing to Chang over and over had to be entertaining at least :slight_smile: .

Again, triple thanks to all my staff members (even the ones who didnt get baller t-shirts) and everyone who helped out during the day. Thanks especially to Andrew for stepping into the shoes of the Assistant Director when I was being tugged left and right to finish my matches. Thanks to FunkDoc for braving the weather to come up early and hang out with me. Thanks to DTJB, Murph, Humbag, Gas-station guy (FLEXO!!!), and Luigi for being great guests and braving the cold drive up. Thanks to Shogun, Tarkan, and Nives, and Kennywood and Shinjigohan for braving the trip over as well. (sorry i forgot any names).

And of course, thanks to WISCONSIN for coming out and repping as hard as we could. Syxx, Nappy and CO., Andrew, Jude… WI will become a force. You guys rock.

Edit- and someone seems to have left a tekken 5 stick at my house. its missing a lot of ‘paint’ (the art is rubbed off) so its well used. Im guessing its FunkDoc’s, so ill need to mail it to ya bro. And happy birthday.

Super Smash Bros Melee
21 entries

1 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (undefeated)
2 Matt S - Lest (beat by Dark Hogosha, Dark Hogosha)
3 Christie - Faellie (beat by Dark Hogosha, Lest)
4 Matt Lancelle - Emporer Pants (beat by Lest, Dark Hogosha)
5 Garrett McArtheg - Raeuber (beat by E.Pants, E.Pants)
5 David Parmener - Takuma (beat by Lest, Faellie)
7 Jeremie Burgeg - Tingle (beat by Rauber, Lest)
7 James Cardoni - Humbag (beat by Lest, Lest)
9 Matt Kurtz - Dijon (beat by Rauber, Faellie)
9 Justin Kovac - Kovac (beat by Tingle, Takuma)
9 Casey Hagman - Human Tornado (beat by Humbag, E.Pants)
9 Frank Kashdan - Dr. Butt (beat by Lest, Rauber)
13 JounmanyPhouthavong - Juice (beat by Rauber, Human Tornado)
13 Eli Hamilton - Clutch (beat by Tingle, Dark Hogosha)
13 Keith Hartleben - Hart (beat by Humbag, Dijon)
13 Lee Richards - Alkoy (beat by Dr. Butt, Kovac)
17 Jude McCalley - Jude (beat by Rauber, Takuma)
17 Ryan Hacker - Antipilor (beat by Tingle, Faellie)
17 Matt Jacquet - MJ (beat by Humbag, Faellie)
17 Aaron Williams - Darker Prince (beat by Hart, Dark Hogosha)
17 Nick LaBlanc - LaBlanc (beat by Dr. Butt, Takuma)

Tekken 5 Dark Ressurection
20 Entries

1 Matt Szabo - Mateo Galvan (beat by Caedmon)
2 Antonio Carmona - The Mexican (beat by Mateo, Mateo)
3 Adam A - Caedmon (beat by Mexican, Mateo)
4 Sammy - Sammy (beat by Mateo, Mexican)
5 William Kenney - Mystic Bill (beat by Mateo, Mexican)
5 Chris Formosa - NappyJin (beat by Sammy, Caedmon)
7 Steven Yang - Mr. Yang (beat by Mystic Bill, Syxx)
7 Daniel - Syxx (beat by NappyJin, Mateo)
9 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Mr.Yang, Sammy)
9 Barry Yang - Barry (beat by Mystic Bill, Caedmon)
9 Jason Kim - j1n (beat by Syxx, Murphagator)
9 Eddie Yang - Crazy Mo (beat by NappyJin, Mystic Bill)
13 Rosen Stanchev - Rokorue (beat by Mr. Yang, Mateo)
13 Matt Brenner - Doom (beat by Barry, NappyJin)
13 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by j1n, Sammy)
13 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (beat by Crazy Mofo, Rokorue)
17 Jack - IGK (Forfeited)
17 Matt Miller - Yoshimattsu (beat by Doom, Murphagator)
17 Matt Lancelle - Emporer Pants (beat by NappyJin, j1n)
17 James Brown - DTJB (beat by Dark Hogosha, Mexican)

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
21 Entries

1 James Cardoni - Humbag (undefeated)
2 Mike DeBonis - Flexo (beat by Humbag, Takuma)
3 David Parmener - Takuma (beat by Flexo, Humbag)
4 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Flexo, Takuma)
5 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (beat by Murphagator, Arsenal)
5 Andrew Norton - Arsenal (beat by Flexo, Humbag)
7 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Dark Hogosha, Humbag)
7 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by Flexo, Takuma)
9 Jason Kim - j1n (beat by Dark Hogosha, Nives)
9 Stefan - Shogun 17 (beat by RashReflection, Flexo)
9 Matt S - Lest (beat by Keits, Murphagator)
9 Jerry Cheng - Nives (beat by Flexo, Humbag)
13 James Brown - DTJB (beat by j1n, Lest)
13 Keith Weinberger - ShinjiGohan (beat by Shogun17, E.Pants)
13 Tahir Alaka - Tarkan X (beat by Keits, Arsenal)
13 Christie - Faellie (beat by Nives, RashReflection)
17 Jack - IGK (beat by j1n, Murphagator)
17 Martin Garcia - M.A.G. (beat by ShinjiGohan, Takuma)
17 Matt Lancelle - Emporer Pants (beat by Keits, Dark Hogosha)
17 Erik Vandewalle - 30 60 90 (beat by TarkanX, Shogun17)
17 Jude McCalley - Jude (beat by Nives, IKG)

Marvel vs Capcom 2
9 Entries

1 Martin Garcia - M.A.G. (undefeated)
2 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by MAG, MAG)
3 James Cardoni - Humbag (beat by Keits, MAG)
4 Aaron Williams - Darker Prince (beat by Humbag, Keits)
5 Logan Everson - Wolverine (beat by MAG, Darker Prince)
5 Jason Kim - j1n (beat by Humbag, Keits)
7 Ocavio Alvarez - Tavi (beat by Darker Prince, j1n)
7 Austin Clark - AC (beat by Humbag, Wolverine)
9 Casey Hagman - Human Tornado (beat by Darker Prince, Humbag)

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
17 Entries

1 Jerry Cheng - Nives (undefeated)
2 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Nives, Nives)
3 Chris Formosa - NappyJin (beat by RashReflection, Nives)
4 James Cardoni - Humbag (beat by NappyJin, RashReflection)
5 Jason McNeill - Beefman (beat by NappyJin, Nives)
5 Stefan - Shogun 17 (beat by Humbag, Humbag)
7 Jason Kim - j1n (beat by NappyJin, Beefman)
7 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by Shogun17, Murphagator)
9 James Brown - DTJB (beat by j1n, Humbag)
9 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (baet by NappyJin, RashReflection)
9 Matt S - Lest (beat by Shogun17, Beefman)
9 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (beat by Keits, Nives)
13 Ocavio Alvarez - Tavi (beat by j1n, Lest)
13 Jude McCalley - Jude (beat by NappyJin, Dark Hogosha)
13 Frank Kashdan - Dr. Butt (beat by Shogun17, DTJB)
13 Andrew Norton - Arsenal (beat by Keits, Beefman)
17 Lorance Carroll - Luigi-Bo 87 (beat by Arsenal, RashReflection)

Capcom vs SNK 2
14 Entries

1 Kenny Guerra - Kennywood (beat by Shogun17)
2 Adam Heart - Keits (Beat by Kennywood, Kennywood)
3 Stefan - Shogun 17 (beat by Keits, Kennywood)
4 David Parmener - Takuma (beat by Kennywood, Keits)
5 Martin Garcia - M.A.G. (beat by Kennywood, TarkanX)
5 Tahir Alaka - Tarkan X (beat by Takuma, Keits)
7 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by MAG, Kennywood)
7 James Cardoni - Humbag (beat by Takuma, Shogun17)
9 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (beat by MAG, Shogun17)
9 Lorance Carroll - Luigi-Bo 87 (beat by RashReflection, Keits)
9 Matt S - Lest (beat by Takuma, Kennywood)
9 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Humbag, TarkanX)
13 Jude McCalley - Jude (beat by RashReflection, Lest)
13 Ocavio Alvarez - Tavi (beat by Takuma, Luigi-Bo)

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
8 Entries

1 Frank Kashdan - Dr. Butt (undefeated, student of keits becomes the master)
2 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by Dr. Butt, Luigi-Bo)
3 Lorance Carroll - Luigi-Bo 87 (beat by Keits, Dr. Butt)
4 David Parmener - Takuma (beat by Keits, Keits)
5 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Keits, Antipilor)
5 Ryan Hacker - Antipilor (beat by Dr. Butt, Takuma)
7 James Brown - DTJB (beat by Murphagator, Dr. Butt)
7 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Luigi-Bo, Takuma)

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
16 Entries

1 Antonio Carmona - The Mexican (undefeated)
2 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Mexican, Mexican)
3 Stefan - Shogun 17 (beat by RashReflection, Lest)
4 Tahir Alaka - Tarkan X (beat by Shogun17, Humbag)
5 James Cardoni - Humbag (beat by Shogun17, Mexican)
5 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by TarkanX, RashReflection)
7 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Shogun17, TarkanX)
7 Matt S - Lest (beat by TarkanX, Mexican)
9 Matt Lancelle - Emporer Pants (beat by Murphagator, Keits)
9 Jude McCalley - Jude (beat by Shogun17, RashReflection)
9 Erik Vandewalle - 30 60 90 (beat by Lest, RashReflection)
9 Matt Szabo - Mateo Galvan (beat by TarkanX, Keits)
13 Kenny Guerra - Kennywood (beat by Murphagator, Humbag)
13 Jason McNeill - Beefman (beat by Shogun17, Mexican)
13 James Brown - DTJB (beat by 30-60-90, Jude)
13 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (beat by Mateo, E.Pants)

Arcana Heart Full
6 Entries

1 Adam A - Caedmon (Undefeated)
2 Chris Formosa - NappyJin (beat by Beefman, Caedmon)
3 Jason McNeill - Beefman (beat by NappyJin, Caedmon)
4 Jason Kim - j1n (beat by Beefman, NappyJin)
5 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by Caedmon, NappyJin)
5 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Caedmon, j1n)

World Heroes Perfect
6 Entries

1 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (Undefeated)
2 Jason Kim - j1n (beat by RashReflection, RashReflection)
3 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by RashReflection, j1n)
4 Frank Kashdan - Dr. Butt (beat by j1n, j1n)
5 Erik Vandewalle - 30 60 90 (beat by Keits, Dr. Butt)
5 Tahir Alaka - Tarkan X (beat by 30 60 90, j1n)

Street Fighter Alpha 2
12 Entries

1 Antonio Carmona - The Mexican (undefeated)
2 Tahir Alaka - Tarkan X (beat by Keits, Mexican)
3 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by TarkanX, Mexican)
4 David Parmener - Takuma (beat by TarkanX, TarkanX)
5 Stefan - Shogun 17 (beat by Takuma, Mexican)
5 Mike DeBonis - Flexo (beat by TarkanX, Mexican)
7 James Cardoni - Humbag (beat by Takuma, Keits)
7 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Flexo, Takuma)
9 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Humbag, Mexican)
9 Erik Vandewalle - 30 60 90 (beat by Takuma, Syxx)
9 Daniel - Syxx (beat by Murphagator, Shogun17)
9 Keith Weinberger - ShinjiGohan (beat by Flexo, Keits)

Street Fighter Alpha 3
10 Entries

1 Antonio Carmona - The Mexican (beat by Shogun17)
2 Stefan - Shogun 17 (beat by Mexican, Mexican)
3 Matt Szabo - Mateo Galvan (beat by Mexican, Shogun17)
4 Sean Murphy - Murphagator (beat by Mexican, Mateo)
5 Tahir Alaka - Tarkan X (beat by Murphagator, Shogun)
5 David Parmener - Takuma (beat by Mexican, Mexican)
7 Adam Heart - Keits (beat by TarkanX, Mexican)
7 James Brown - DTJB (beat by Takuma, Mateo)
9 Jerry Cheng - Nives (beat by Keits, RashReflection)
9 Josh Ballard - RashReflection (beat by Takuma, Murphagator)

Tekken Tag Tournament
10 Entries

1 Antonio Carmona - The Mexican (undefeated)
2 Adam A - Caedmon (beat by Mexican, Mexican)
3 Matt Szabo - Mateo Galvan (beat by Caedmon, Mexican)
4 Jack - IGK (beat by Caedmon, Mateo)
5 James Brown - DTJB (beat by IGK, Mexican)
5 Sammy - Sammy (beat by Caedmon, IGK)
7 William Kenney - Mystic Bill (Forfeited) ~~ Tournament Maker put him here due to Byes ><
7 Michael Connolly - Dark Hogosha (beat by Sammy, Mateo)
9 Rosen Stanchev - Rokorue (beat by DTJB, Mateo)
9 Matt Lancelle - Emporer Pants (beat by Dark Hogosha, Mexican)

Well I’m gonna say it…I TOLD YHA…awe fuck it…LOL!

Damn it, all we can do is try harder and motivate more. Good showing at the tournament, I’m glad the turnout was better than probably what people expected it to be.

Am I reading the results right, did FUCKING CANADA COME TO THIS TOURNAMENT…LOL?

Congrats to the following:

Nappy - for placing in Guilty Gear.

Keits - for 2nd in Marvel!

Dark Hogosha - for Winning Smash. I’d love to see that Yoshi in action, if that’s who u main’ed…LOL!!!

Nives - Oh snaps son Blue Sol FTW…LOL!!!

I look forward to the full results…

I just got home, Went the whole day on 3 1/2 hour sleep the night before, that’s why some of you saw me passing out on the couches there! It was a blast! Will post shout-outs after I’ve slept a couple dozen hours. Good night!

just got home myself.

ggs to all that I played especially in EX (though that was only 3 people lol)

Kennywood: good meeting ya, hopefully the next drive won’t be as bad, especially on the way back with those gusty snow winds blotting out the lanes on the freeway back home. Thanks for trying out EX too, I know its different but every new game is different when you’re still learning the basics to it. and good talking to you about the old times in cali and arcades in general that I missed out on :frowning:

TarkanX: good meeting you too. As you might have guessed EX was canceled but at least we got some casuals going on. I’ll work on capturing the footage tomorrow(aka today) and help spread the word.

JoshDaFunk: Good seeing you again, and ggs. actually I might see you at Acen if you decide to go this year so we could get some more practice in then. And congrats on all of your high placings

Keits: man you have to get a new nickname, everytime someone called you I kept on thinking that they were calling me >.< That aside, thanks for throwing a great tournament and even though there wasn’t enough time to run it, thanks for adding EX to the list of games. Come on down sometime though since you’re interested in learning EX (though you seem interested in learning every fighting game lol). BTW TTT is worse than CvS2 in terms of match length… my god. But if the players had fun then thats whats important…

MAG, good meeting you too. Though I fully admit to getting lucky in beating you in 3s. I was trying to lariat with hugo for a while and just kept getting his standing fierce >.<, and that last air catch was also a fluke, you deserved that match.

To the rest of you that whooped my ass in a2 and 3s, well fuck you lol. I’ll try and not embarress myself next time.

WHP results = madness! were any videos recorded?

Mike: great seeing you man. always a lotta fun playing your urien. i m gettin vengeance though.

James: appreciate your knocking me into loser’s (=_=). great games. looking to come to Bring on the Paign: Episode 2 - It Hurts.

Keits: thanks for running all these tourneys. this was by far the most efficient tournament i went to, also tons of fun.

j1n: great seeing you man. the lounge at your apartment is awesome.

Nappy: good games. i hate aba.

Everyone else cuz there was a lot of people: it was great meeting all of you, and it was a ton of fun playing new people. we all gotta do this again soon.

Yes. Luigi recorded me and Josh’s money match as well as a few tourney matches. He was dumb and forgot to enter the bracket though lol.:rolleyes:

woo hoo puzzle fighter!

thanks to everyone who made my first tournament a fun and very memorable experience.


No Homo!!!

Congradulations Kenny on winning CVS2!!!

Okay, I’m convinced that there was variety in this tournament and I am sad that I wasn’t able to go. I’m glad u all enjoyed yourselves.

Was there the following:

A MIRA tournament?

The Main Event Match Between Nappy and Luigi?

Any Capture of MIRA played?

A Naruto GNT4/EX2 tournament?

Was Naruto played at all.

Anyone as black as me…lol?

Female strippers?


Ran out of time for Mira and a few other games, but we would have had time for GNT4 or Naruto EX2 if more than one person had signed up.

Luigi says shut up:bluu:

lol shoutouts,

thanks nappy and beefman for showing me i don’t practice at all in guilty gear anymore and I suck. But why did each match have to be a nail biter and come down to the last hit / wire / etc. ??? that just gives me more heartache :frowning:

congrats jerry on winning GG, i dont think you ever miss sidewinder loop :frowning:

Happy birthday btw Josh Ballard!

Aresnal: lol why can’t everyone just play Ken in 3s ?

Aegis Neglector: there was no drunken dancing on top of something/table at Sonic, but rest assured, I’ll be retarded drunk again one day.

James/Humbag: Nuclear Punch > Jesus Beam, you may have beaten my Rei, but you will never defeat my ROAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (true successor to Hokuto Shinken)

To whoever messed up the Smash Bracket that I had to fix: I’ll fucking kick you to the moon. and you and Humbag (whom I nuclear punched to the moon in HNK) can start up a hippie pow wow and make a Moon Igloo out of Paper Mache’ and cook vegetables together and go kayaking/canoe in the moon river and sing songs over hot moon rocks and and smoke moon weed.

lonely nerds: stop looking at/following peoples girlfriends (mine,keits,nappys,other people,etc.) it leads to getting punched. really it does.

People I forgot etc; suck it

and lastly to my friend Adam Heart:
Why can’t I choose 3 sentinels in Marvel??? fuck your rules!!! :stuck_out_tongue: <3

That was fun times, most definitely. Very smoothly run and the venue was fucking sweet awesome.

And I agree with this statement, as well. That shit is annoying. And it does lead to getting punched. Maybe even getting your dick ripped off.

Fucking lame ass people.

I would’ve totally won 3s :razz: Dudley sucks, gotta rock the ken

Whattup everyone. Yesterday was a blast! The venue was awesome, as well as the owner. They catered to all the gamers there and everything ran smooth. Shout-outs:

ShinjiGohan: Awesome drive to GB! Made the 3 hour drive in about 2:15 lol. Hopefully next time there’ll be an EX3 tournament, you’re beastly in it. And hope I didn’t snore too loud on the ride back.

MAG: Great seeing you again and reminiscing about the Cali days. Good job taking MvC2 and great matches we had in CvS2, they were close. See you at the next Midwest tournament.

Keits: Great tournament and good job in placing so high in just about every game. Good games in the CvS2 finals, and thank god for Chang!

Shogun17: Great matches we had. You’re beastly in all games. If only you didn’t live so far to get some casuals in. See you in future Midwest Tournaments.

Josh: Congratulations in taking WHP. Happy B-day and great games yesterday. You were always on top of every bracket and helped things run smooth. Good stuff!

NappyJin: Good meeting you! Good job in AH and GG. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it to some Wisconsin get-togethers soon!

Arsenal: Good meeting you as well. Liked watching you play 3S and you were mad chill too.

Humbag: Good job taking 3S. Your Dudley ain’t no joke! Liked your ST and CvS2(which you’re better in, than what the results show). Hopefully I’ll be able to make the next Champaign tourney and actually meet your hot sister!!!.

Nice meeting Syxx, Luigi-Bo, IGK and anyone else I might not remember right now.

Thanks for a great time and see you guys at the next Joystix tourney! =)

Great tournament. Venue was great, and the tournaments were ran well. If there was something that I’d put a minus on (which is saying a lot), is that some of the grand finals weren’t ran on the big screen. Me and TheMexican had a heated down to the wire, final game in A2 that was decided by a pixel of life, and only 4 people (or so) were witnesses to it). Thanks for hosting, and by the way, Wisconsin, we need to do more of these! We are both really good at these games, it would be great to re-new the Minnesota-Wisconsin battle, even though it is somewhat further away (maybe meet up at a certain destination that is between us?)

Oh, and Keits, we went 3-3 in our battles… we should have had some sort of money match in a game that both of us can play; you are really good.

Too many names to shout out, so I’ll just say shout outs to everyone for coming in on their free time and making the event great.

Humbag: Congrats on winning 3S, our 3S matches were hella close. God damn that Dudley. We’ll have to get more casuals in next time… DBQ BBQ perhaps?!?

aegis neglector: Glad you like the stick; I hope it benefits you like it has me. Good games in 3S, Urien’s s.HP >>>>>>>> Ken’s s.MK. That was utter 3S nonsense at it’s finest.

kennywood: Nice to put a face with a name, your CvS2 game is no joke. Good shit by taking all of WI’s money.

Dark Hogosha: Like me, I know you were rusty as hell, but 3S was still enjoyable. I FINALLY have a tourney win over your Twelve (aka Gumbi-ass-motherfucker).

Muprhagator! + IA crew: Your Oro is still insane. I’m glad I did not have to fight you in tourney. See you guys at DBQ BBQ!

Jude: Nice to meet you, keep working on that Yang if you want, but the dark side (aka Ken Masters) will always be beckoning. We should get together on weekends and play 3S while you’re still in WI.

j1n: Thank you for having me over, you have a chill place and girlfriend. If I had a PS3, I’d own in DR. But I do not. Therefore I suck. Make plans to take off for April 12th/13th, I’ll drive my minivan.

Keits: No problem running things; you were in 12732186 games, so I figured I’d help out. Kudos on your placings and gracias for the hella tight “STAFF” T-shirts.

Nives: Your Sol is Jason Voorhies-scary. Your custom is rediculously compact. You raped everyone for free. That is all.

M.A.G.: Nice meeting you and watching you play serious Marvel. Good casuals too in 3S near the end of the night; Chun-Li is cheap. Haha.

Syxx: Glad you brought all the Tekken heads, even though you guys ended up just playing each other. Also, my Dreamcast is happy it has it’s baby back. Thank you.

To everyone else: Hope you enjoyed the tourney. It’s a bit out of the way, but the venue was on point, the owner is supportive of the scene, the staff worked hard to keep things running smoothly, and I think everyone had a good time. Watch out for future WI tourneys to be bigger and better. Peace.


Its funny, because the three games I took you out in seemed to be pre-dinner break, so you did a great job of not letting that be a mental hurdle and coming back after dinner and taking me out in just as many games. Great to meet you, and definitely great games.

I am sorry that we didnt run some final on the big screen, but we were just running out of time and the time it would have taken to move the setup over just was not worth it to me as an organizer.