Green Goblin Mod Joystick Thread link does not work. Need a link

Anyone have a link to a green goblin mod. The link in the joystick thread does not work. Have a question about installing a ls-32-01 and how to mount the screws.

BTW, any way to use the VMU slot for a xbox360 headset slot?


Well, I have no personal experience with an LS-32-01, but just looking at my Agetec and the measurements up on Akihabarashop, I’d say you’ll want to remove the mounting bracket, dremel the inside of the case flat around the joystick, then drill four holes in the case that match the bracket, and use the recessed area of the Agetec like the mounting bracket.

I don’t know what the proper install depth for an LS-32-01 is, but from the top of the recess to the top of the panel is approximately 9mm, and the plastic is something like 2mm thick.

As for the headphone jack, you’d need to fabricate some kind of panel, either with a type of bondo or a plastic panel glued into place. You could then just mount a 2.5mm headphone extension there, and run it to your pcb inside the stick.

As for the mounting of the seimitsu stick, here’s the best set I could find of pictures.

And to convert the VMU slot into a headset connection all you need is an audio extension and something to hold it into place where you want it, mighty putty or any of it’s knockoffs work great for that purpose, and you can easily sand it down flush.

Oh wow, is that really the right mounting depth for an ls32? I didn’t realize the plate ended up flush with the surface on these, my advice would’ve left it waaaaay short.

I am not exactly sure, but that was a link I found, and if I recall correctly the mods I saw when I was doing my agetec mod was done in the same fashion, part of the reason I went with a JLF when I modded mine, the JLF was just drill 4 holes essentially.

I heard you can use a VMU with a mic attachment as the headset.

BTW the green stick was the best one I ever owned.

Thanks for the tips. I think i remember having to sand down the joystick area to fit the ls 32. I am going to try that and it seems that you have to drill four holes to mount the stick.

Hopefully it will work.

I just did one myself and for the headset I opted to use one of the little extension converters that came with rockband. I just exacto’d the hell out of it. Since then I just wrapped a little rubberband around the jack on the inside to give it some resistance when unplugging it. Works fine for now.