Green goblin question

A friend gave me a DC agetec stick to fix, the problem is the stick feels “muddy” and also doesn’t always return to center. Does it need a new spring, or what usually causes this problem?

try cleaning it and adding some grease. that happens to horis too, and cleaning + grasing usually fixes it.

Gracias… I have a bunch of tools but I’ve never built or tried to fix a joystick before… I’ve got some grease for my balisong, lemme see if that works. :tup:

take the entire joystick apart, (it’s pretty easy) and clean off each of the parts with a strong solvent (make sure it’s not something that dissolves plastic). Dry. put it back together and put some sorta lube inside. Oil will do the trick, but obviously, it’s better if you use something more suited for the purpose. I don’t think grease is the best idea because there aren’t any spaces to fill, you just want there to be a film of oil in the joystick bushing. That’s just my speculation though.