Green Lantern AV request

I love the TLK AV Master Chibi but I gots to move on. :sad: :china:

I’m looking for a Green Lantern AV using the image (and only the image, none of the other crap) from this VS TCG card:

Preferably “specs” (sans quotes) appears somewhere on the AV, and it’s preferably 160x100 (which I think is the premium AV size). Everything else I leave up to whoever decides to take up the challenge.

Thanks in advance! :china:

… nobody? :sad: I’ll dance for you! :rock:

ill do it

Hey thanks much! :china: I’ll be forever grateful.

Um, not to be a pest, but have you done this yet TRT? No worries either way, just curious.

its done

Cool cool cool! :tup: x infinity. You, sir, are my hero for the next millineum for not only providing one, but TWO awesome Green Lantern AVs! I’ll use 'em both! Thanks very very very very much!