Green Lantern Emerald Knights (the new DC animated movie)


So I managed to get a copy of DC’s new animated direct to DVD/BluRay animated movie, and IMO, it’s fantastic.
First off this has the BEST animation in any of their animated features, I was at awe on how well the characters moved and reacted throughout the feature.
Secondly, Alysa/Arisa is HAWT.

The movie is basically a collection of short stories about Lanterns past and present including stories based on [spoiler=]Mogo and Abin Sur’s prophecy of death, the latter being told to him by Attrocious(sp), I guess the 5 Inversions were a bit too nightmare-ish for an animated feature, but oh wells.[/spoiler]

This movie disregards the events of the First Flight animated feature; if you’ve seen some of the trailers or screenshots, you’ll know what I mean.

Furthermore, this feature is around 80 minutes long!

I strongly recommend giving it a watch, they’ve really outdone themselves with this X3


dled it yesturday… havnt watched it yet. It looks good.


so it is good? Great. I was eyeballing it yesterday but wasn’t sure.

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if it’s that good then I might get


they’ve been showing the commercials on tv constantly lately. It looks good. Will probably snag it.


mogo doesn’t socialize


Kilowag story was awesome


I’m pretty sure it’s based on a recent story in the GL Corps comic or something.

Kilowog’s voice felt off to me at first, but I got used to it eventually.


I just peeped the trailer and it looks cool. Is that Nathon Fillion i hear in there?


You have

the world’s best technology!!!


yup. it’s his story from tales of the corps #3


Good anifilm!! gets a big thumbs up from me.


It was pretty good, didn’t know what to expect but was rather surprised I enjoyed it