Green Lantern: First Flight


Warner Bros Announces Green Lantern: First Flight

Christpoher Meloni as Hal Jordan…I’m officially interested.


So the special features are 3 times longer than the movie itself?


Green Lantern: First Flight - Behind the Scenes Video



Gonna pre-order this ASAP…

OMG…Hal uses a steel chair.



Oh and I posted about this at 4chan and they liked it[/details]


Green Lantern: First Flight Gets New Street Date

Gonna have to pre-order soon…


Green Lantern: First Flight Premieres @ SDCC.

Anyone going to the SDCC can get first dibs…I might go Bluray for this title.


PSN has 2 9-minute sneak peeks of GL: First Flight available…looks awesome.


Finally, proper GL+Corps!


lol I already bought the DVD last week, I think the US gets it in a few days. Hell I even saw the BluRay being sold as well (on the day I bought the DVD)



imma scoop this dvd up from walmrt late tonight…i cant wait


Just watched it. It was pretty good I liked it!!


I just watched it as well…awesome movie.



I thought it was really good!

Sinestro looked really akward in a few scenes, the key one is when he is walking in the cafeteria towards the camera and his shoulders are swaying too much. There were a few times he was talking where his mid section moved akwardly. It’s like they had trouble animating someone with that many muscles for once. This makes me worry a bit about the Superman / Batman movie since those designs are based on McGuiness’ work oooh… I suppose they may have been reaching a bit doing both the GL and the Supes / Bats movie at the same time. Honestly this is the first complaint I’ve ever had about any animation DC has done since Batman The Animated series… :sweat: Everything else including the CGI and character designs looked perfect! :wow:

For Green Lantern’s first full animated feature it was a solid effort. As far as DC straight to video origins go, gotta say I enjoyed Wonder Woman a little more since that had lots of comedy. Still this was really cool seeing the Lantern Corps and some bloody deaths heh! :tup:

I give it five GL rings out of five since my complaint about Sinestro’s really minor, everything else makes up for it. :smile: Oh and get either the double disc set or the Blu-Ray if you can because it has the Duck Dodgers “Green Loontern” episode on it! :clapdos:


lol I didn’t notice Sinestro’s awkward animation, but I’m glad you liked it Sano.
I too liked WW more, but mainly cuz of the action.


I don’t trust Hal Jordan.




i really liked this movie as well. im a pretty new GL fan , but im a DC continuity fanatic.

they didt stay true to

  1. green lantern rings unable to use lethal force ??
  2. and isnt qward in the anti-matter universe ???


As I said in the DC thread about the movie’s differences-
…the movie took some liberties with expanding on the Ring’s powers, but they also had to put in enough stuff for a 1 hour animated movie which is the case with most of these DC direct to DVDs.
Rather than a sequel, an animated TV show based on the animated movie would be nice.