Green Lantern Movie Green Lighted

So yeah. Cool, I guess.

I hope Green Lantern has some imagination with the ring.

after credits

Sam Jackson!!![/details]

For real


I’m John Stewart. I wanted to talk to you about the Justice League initiative.

These seems to be a very open ended film possibly. Very hollywood potential it has.

I wanna see live action Sinestro Curleh mustache.

Yes!!! No Jack Black.:tup:

I wonder what sort of villain they will have him face.

Oh shit! I’m excited for this.

The color Yellow.

I don’t know if its the script their using, but Marc Guggenheim is co-writing it

Jack Black was seriously considered to be the Green Lantern?

Must resist…urge to make china jokes…

Nice to hear 'bout a new Marvel movie.

I have nothing more to say.

Is Spiderman a DC property?

o.O Is this a trick question?

You claim to be the whitest kid on SRK and yet you don’t understand sarcasm?

To hell with your e-sarcasm.

To hell with both of you. Green Lantern on the big screen…Hmmm…All I know is that they better pick a good Hal Jordan. James Marsden(Cyclops) would have made a good Hal Jordan.

I agree

I agree on James Marsden for Hal too.

So is he gonna be mackin’ it with that butch hawk lady or what? I’m confused.