Green Lantern TAS: There may be hope

Being a fan of the Green Lantern comic books…and of the Red Lanterns, I’m hyped for this.
My only thing though is Josh Keaton voicing Hal Jordan…I’ll have to wait and see.

Josh Keaton? The guy who voices Spider-man in like everything?

uGH FInally a release date, this has been in development for nearly a year hasn’t it?

Man I thought this would be a tool assisted speedrun of some green lantern game I’ve never heard of.

Shit, I’m still waiting for a Catwoman tas…

Atrocitus looks pretty cool, I’m semi-hype for this. I’ll be fully hype when I see Sinestro bitch slapping Salaak or something.

Bruce Timm!

Looks like ep. 1 will air tomorrow in the US.

Geese Pants, you should include in the thread title that Bruce Timm is working on it.

Well, consider me interested. This HAS to turn out better than last summer’s movie, in any case.

This’ll be airing in a few hours, and apparently it’s friggin’ good-

Just watched episode 1. As much as I love Young Justice and Brave and the Bold, this has the potential to be the best thing DC has done since Batman:TAS. Seriously.

First ep. was great
[spoiler=]CGI is…well it’s good but not impressive, this is one time I would’ve prefered if this was 2D animation.
I really liked the characterization of Hal and Kilowog, the scene when they try to convince Aya to take off was hilarious and impressive.
It’s gonna take me a while to get used to how they made the RLs in this series though.
Looking forward to Sinestro showing up \m/[/spoiler]

Just recently started rewatching Batman: TAS oddly enough lol. Timm’s work has always been solid.

I’ve had more fun with these 2 episodes of GLTAS than I have with 14 episodes of that horrendous Young Justice cartoon. Thank God for Bruce Timm.

Aw yeah. I knew there would be a thread about this. I must say, my first impression of the first ep is all good. the ONLY thing I would’ve changed is that they should’ve kept the animation 2-d, hopefully from the same crew who did Batman:TAS, but that’s only because this cell shading thing just doesn’t “look” like it’ll carry as well in this show. Other than that, all thumbs up.


I can’t wait to see how Sinestro gets in here and FUCKS UP PEOPLE SHIT!!!


^Doesn’t look like cel shading to me @3@

I was not impressed, and it has nothing to do with the 3D.

The show simply felt rather tame in basically every respect, I’m not sure how else to describe it.

Out of curiosity, in what way did the show feel tame?

The action was less violent than other Timm series. Fucking Justice League had more violence in its first episode.
The drama is nothing more than Hal and Kilowog doing their thing.
I don’t object to Red Lanterns being the villains, but we’re not being shown what makes the Red Lanterns scary. There’s no references to the emotional spectrum. Red Lanterns are powered by rage, but I didn’t see any. At the very least, they could have chosen better Reds to use aside from Sok and Razer.

The show isn’t bad. It’s a Timm series - it wasn’t going to be bad - but I don’t feel the same sensation of “FUCK YES!” that I felt watching the pilots of BB, JLU or Young Justice (which is not a Timm series, I know).

I actually thought that it was pretty violent, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen the first episode of JL, so I can’t really compare the overall levels of violence between the two.

The drama between Kilowog and Hal is. . .pretty much fine. Compared to the banter between the kids in Young Justice, the stuff between Hal and Kilowog is Oscar material. It’s a bit cliche, but I definitely lol’d a couple times at the comments that Kilowog was throwing out there.

As for the Red Lanterns, your criticism is spot on. I mean, I’m glad they’re not the mindless fire spewing rage-zombies that they were in the comics, but I’d much prefer THAT as opposed to an annoyingly conflicted teen trying too hard to be badass and an otherwise incompetent partner. Red Lanterns were freaking terrifying because they were immensely powerful IIRC–plus they could infect GLs. Sure, it’s nice that we see RLs breaking GL constructs, but otherwise, they seemed like regular run-of-the-mill baddies. I wasn’t impressed.

And don’t get me started on Young Justice. I haven’t disliked a show that immensely since I forced myself to sit through the first season of K-ON! I mean, damn.