Green lantern will power

Anyone have that list with all the willpower levels of different super heroes like it had superman and batman and all the green lanterns in number form.

Forgive me for saying so, but… huh? I believe we have approached a new summit of queer comic book logic when something as conceptual as willpower can be empirically defined.

lol I’m not the one who made it blame dc. I had the list. I lost it however and I started reading green lantern again and I wanted to see where everyone stacked up.

I think an average person had like 2 and batman had 10 while superman had 24 and Hal jordan had like 40 or something.

I dont understand the whole concept of willpower. and how does it help the green lanterns make giant hammers and shit out of laser beams?

The ring works with willpowers.

Of all the characters, Batman should have the highest. He’s the one character without superpowers who can go toe to toe with the characters who do.

It takes pure force of will to shape the ring’s energies. You can’t be a wishy washy Green Lantern.

How can Superman have more willpower than Batman? That makes so very little sense. (Even less sense that having a list of willpower levels.) Superman’s always getting mind-controlled or getting psychically beaten somehow. Just look at recent issues of Superman/Batman for a good example. Superman got whooped by Scarecrow’s fear gas while Batman kicked the gas’ ass.

And how can Hal be rated 40 when Batman is a 10? Hypothetically speaking, if I actually believed in what I was talking about, I could accept Hal having a higher willpower rating than Batman. But FOUR TIMES greater? Nope.

Oh, well. We’ll chalk this one up to… ALL SKILL, BABY.

will power isnt defined in terms of levels in dc. Hal jordan isn’t the greatest because of his level of willpower of creativeness. if it was purely on the mind i’d figure kyle rayner would be the greatest.

also supermans powers dont work like the green lanterns since those are just natural talents. just gifts he was born…sorta with.

it already was.

see the emperor joker arc. Superman has to deal with all the stuff Batman didnt have the willpower to withstand.

Emperor Joker? The story where Joker stole Mr. Mxyzptlk’s power to rewrite reality? Fine, whatever. You can count that as evidence, I guess. After all… Superman having the WILL to see through a false reality that existed solely to torment Batman just shows that IT’S ALL SKILL, BABY.

superman had the will to withstand all the pain of batmans torture when batman broke from it.

edit: going have to find a dc comicbook forum sure someone has it on there

Actually, it has been hinted at off and on over the years that Superman’s level of power is dictated almost entirely by his will, albeit on a subconscious level. Superman might even have the greatest willpower of all, though he doesn’t seem to be aware of it. Remember that Superman could easily kill everybody around him, purely by accident. If he sneezes, your car is in a tree. If he farts, your house is blown to pieces. He could shake your hand and crush every bone into powder. A guy who just naturally has that level of god-like power would be a naturally destructive force if he didn’t exercise total physical restraint, 24/7.

Furthermore, it has long been established that Superman has mental blocks–he has psychologically conditioned himself from ever unleashing his full power, due to the harm it might cause to his opponent and everybody around him. It might not be as obviously bold-faced as molding energy into the shape of a giant buzzsaw, but it takes a lot of willpower for a super man to function in a world filled with normal men.

And there is also the comparatively recent occasion in which he lost his powers entirely and began living solely as Clark Kent. It was later explained that this was an extreme version of the usual mental block scenario. A traumatizing event happened, after which he really didn’t want to be Superman anymore. Hence, he repressed the powers essentially out of existence. When he later realized how much he needed to be Superman, the powers returned.

hal jordan has the highest willpower without question subconcious or w/e level

he is like the anakin skywalker of willpower.

That’s very true, but again, DC’s editors cannot make up their minds. I have read variously that a completely uninhibited Hal Jordan has the greatest will in the DCU, and conversely that it’s actually Kyle Rayner, whose greatest superpower of all is that he is always miraculously better than Hal whenever the writers want to show how great he is.

depends on what writer you talk to…easily can go with him or kyle.

Wouldn’t it be Hal technically since he overcame the yellow impurity that the ring had? No fear, remember? Bats can’t handle the ring because he HAS fear. Hal even let him put it on one time because Bats was giving him flack over the whole Parallax ordeal. He was like, “You think my job is easy?” and Bats puts the ring on and gets owned up by his fear.

EDIT - Looks like I might have to dig up my Rebirth and GL issues.

I need the chart Hal had like double the amount of anyone near him in willpower. Bats was higher than a regular human but lower than everyone else except green arrow who had like 4.

I know who I can ask tomorrow but ima about to hit the sack.

lol he has no fear…somehow i don’t think thats a good thing.

Umm…it’s a good thing, actually. Strong will and no fear = Parallax GGPO.

Having no fear doesn’t nessisarily mean you will have rational thought. If you don’t fear, when others are in danger you’ll just run in not caring for what happens.