Greenfield, MA-Power of the Hippy Force


I know for a fact that there hasn’t been a say about Greenfield’s scene, probably because there are very few people who play fighters and aren’t on SRK, but this is worth a shot. I’m sure there are some country bumpkins who play this game somewhere


This is an interesting development. I’m in Amherst, and might be willing to travel to Greenfield for some games. Do you know anyone else up there who plays?


I know only a handful of people who ‘dabble’ in fighting games and they work at my local fye. It’s possible that they would like to have a gathering to get some type of scene moving, may it be SF or marvel. Either way, I could travel to amherst to play, but I want to fish for some people may it be one or two to get a foundation out here


that’s like 40 minutes away from me, I could do games there too


Im from westfield so I can do games there.


Sounds like if you get something going up there, we’d be willing to come and check it out! Bonus if it’s a tournament. :slight_smile:


Sounds good.Westfield, Amherst, The ‘Field are places I could travel to no problem.I gotta wait for my autobot to get out the garage though. Probably a meet and game around your areas would be ideal first. I will check on some monitors and stuff to have a gathering out in best buy and the retro gaming store this week;I thought about renting a hotel room and settin’ up some monitors around the room so we could game up and chill. What system would be of choice?


As long as I get a ride, I’m down for games at Greenfield. As for systems, for Capcom fighters I personally prefer Xbox 360 but anime fighters and MK on PS3. Most of MA plays on 360 though.


I’m planning to be away from home this week and weekend. Hopefully we can do something afterwards.

Sadly. The system at most majors is PS3, and so I still think we should all be using that.


I’ve talked to the employees at FYE earlier today; They got some friends who play SF so hopefully in June we will meet for casuals and get our first tourney set up. And PS3? I dont have any systems anymore due to redardation, but I’ll see about a PS3. It dont matter to me since my Arcade stick is multi ported


It doesn’t matter which system we play on but I want to say 95% tournaments i been to have been on the 360. I cant wait to get some games in and not play the same people each week. Sounds like you guys are more SF than marvel. O well I shall be free then. lol


All these other guys are free.


Well, I’m more MvC"2" than SF4( I had MvC3 and got unhype like a lil bitch), but I am confiden that I could keep up with yall. I don’t know about the other guys, but I’m willing to get back on track with Mvc3. I’m a hilariously quick learner.

got my car out from the garage so i’ll be aroound hadley mall and holyjoke mall checking out cheap lagless monitors


Hows the scene down there in CT?I was about to use a cat joke, but meh


I feel like I should provide some tips for finding lagless displays…

Standard definition TVs might not look as nice, but they generally do not lag at all. That would probably be your cheapest and easiest solution. You could go to Salvation Army and pick these up for around $20 to $40.

If you want HD, the Alienware AW2210 and ASUS VH236H are generally considered the best HD displays for competitive fighters. There are other good displays out there, but you really have to test them (or find a test conducted by someone else) to find out how much they lag; “response time” is absolutely not the same thing as input delay/lag. If you want to know more, you can check out the HDTV lag FAQ here.

Between the two displays that I mentioned (which are both sometimes referred to as “Evo monitors”, as they have been used in the Evo tournament series), the AW2210 lags less, has better color, and has an arguably nicer design, while the VH236H is cheaper, slightly larger, and has built in speakers (though they are very quiet). A lot of people can’t tell the difference in lag between them. I can, and much prefer the AW2210 overall, but I don’t mind playing on the VH236H monitors if I have to.

Both of the Evo monitors are available online at discounted prices. I’ve seen the AW2210 in Best Buy, but you will likely end up paying more there unless there’s a sale or you have some diesel coupon.

I think in the end, it’s ideal to either put in the cash and/or effort in finding a lagless (or very near lagless) HD display, or just simply buy an SDTV.

In any case, I hope that helps, and I wish you good luck!


(Sorry for the double post…)

So what’s good?! Did you find a display? We ever going to press buttons? :slight_smile:


I’m out in Leeds, but i grew up in the Greenfield area and have friends out there (including one that worked/possibly still works at the Greenfield Fye). I would definitely be interested in a fighting game gathering in that area.


Awesome pm me man. I got a 40" tv and the response time is virtually not there at 0.3ms. I saw some lagless monitors for cheap at our radio shack, but they are 100.00 a pop. Which I don’t have because im dirt poor due to those damn bills.
My GT “SwxrdZ” so hit me up when you are on.

UPDATE: Picked up MvC3


Did you read any of that lengthy post about displays and lag that I typed up for you? :frowning:


believe it or not, there are some of those at my Radioshack, andI have read it(thats why I bought a barely-lagless hdtv for myself man. good read). I’d rather buy them at amazon since they are cheaper, so when the next check comes I could pick up 2 monitors