[GreenManGaming] Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition - US$ 7,49 - STEAM


Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition just US$ 7,49,

PS: Activate on Steam


I’ve bought it off this sale (mostly because I’ve had some GMG credit to spare, and hoping it will let me upgrade to Ultra at the discounted price in August).

Problem is, I can’t even start the game. On windows 8.1, the GFWL client is completely broken, and I can’t even find the version that some threads online suggest installing in place of the default one (all information and downloads regarding the service seem to have disappeared from Microsoft/Xbox sites).

I had a similar problem with Bulletstorm, and the only solution then was to use a crack to play completely offline and sidestep the service entirely.

I’d rather play offline and practice a little before August, than not use the game at all, but I can’t find anything specific.

Is it against the rules to ask here?


Uninstall GFWL through control panel -> programs
Google “game for windows live” and click on the first result

AE now works on Windows 8.


That… was a lot easier than getting Bulletstorm to run.

The game seems to be running fine now, thanks a bunch!